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    Reasons why your house isn’t selling

    It is time to move to a bigger house or a smaller one, so it is also a time to sell your current house. If you are trying to sell your house for a long time than you have to change something. Check to see why your house isn’t selling.

    Try to discover what is the problem, why your house isn’t selling

    There are many cases when people put their house on a market and nothing is happening. Don’t wait too long to see if you have potential buyers. If you see that nobody is calling and you haven’t had one showing, react right away.

    There are numerous reasons why your house isn’t selling. First, check your price again. Compare it with the current market and see if it is competitive. If you have overpriced your home, you will have a hard time to sell. If you are asking why your house isn’t selling this is a good place to start.  Sometimes even if two houses have the same square footage, the price may not be the same. If you are near school, pubs, bars or something similar and loudly, you can get the same price as the other house. Nobody wants to give their house away, but you have to be real when you put a price on your house. Also, it has to be a comparable sale to the old ones.

    Nice square footage but bad layout

    We have all seen so many houses and apartments that have great size but lower price than usual. This can be because of the bad layout. If your house isn’t practical and appealing for buyers they will look elsewhere, for sure. One of the reasons why your house isn’t selling can be that. If it is narrow or has an odd room layout, maybe too many small rooms, all of this can be damaging to sale.

    Floor plan of the house, that can be a reason why your house isn't selling
    There are different factors that you have to consider when you are deciding on the price of your house.

    Think about price once again if you want to sell your house, even if you are selling in the nice and quiet neighborhood. If you are not satisfied with the current buyer’s market than you should maybe wait a better time for sale. That is if you have an opportunity and means to buy a new house and wait to sell this one. If you have problems with storage, you can maybe rent some storage unit and save your belongings there. This can be a useful solution for the lack of space during the relocation. You have a lot of choices when you want to rent storage units Ontario. If you are in a smaller city, ask in advance. Make sure to plan everything before you decide to move or sell.

    Advertising is not good

    Make sure that you understand in the beginning that you are not selling the house to yourself. When you take pictures and advertise your house, it has to be attractive to buyers, it doesn’t really matter whether you like that marketing or not. House staging can be very useful at this point. You can hire a professional to stage your house for the market. It is proven those staged houses are sold faster. This means that the professional will set some decorations or rearrange some furniture just so the house could look better on photos. This is actually a worthy investment. Because photos are the first thing, that potential buyer sees and if you lack photos or they aren’t good ones, they will think the worst, for sure. In addition, you can also hire a professional photographer.  Therefore, it is important that your advertisement is good and attractive to a wider market.

    On the other hand, if you decide to stage a house for yourself and try to stay within budget or simply save some money than you can:

    1. Declutter – first, you need to make sure that everything is nice and clean. Nobody wants to see the messy house when buying it.
    2. Set the table – when you are photographing dining room and kitchen, place table settings. Usually, it is more agreeable with future buyers to see how homey it can look
    3. Clear the kitchen counters – the nice clean kitchen is more attractive on photos. Put some fruit bowls.
    4. Use your house’s better side– you should not feel like you are cheating if you are using your home’s assets. It means that you avoid taking pictures of spaces in the house that are not so flattering. Highlight everything that you want buyers to see first. If they like it, they will surely see it decide if they want to buy it.
    Blueprints of the stairs in a house
    Always try to highlight the advantages of your house.

    Make sure that you have a good real estate agent

    Maybe the problem is not in your house. If you don’t have a good agent, it could be a reason why your house isn’t selling. Not every agent sells well every listing. It doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t a good agent, maybe just not the right one for your house. Sometimes people hire real estate agents that suggested them a better selling price, but even if it is higher, it doesn’t mean that it is suitable. Also, make sure that the agent you have chosen invests enough time in marketing your house.

    Different agents are specialized for different types of sales. Some of them sale a lot of houses quickly – they are specialized for so-called quick turnovers. The others are better at selling a listing longer but maybe have better potential buyers, ready to pay more in a long run. Beside this, it is important to have good relations with your agent. You should be comfortable with y

    Truck driving on a road
    Selling a house while you have to move long distance requires a lot of time and effort.

    This is especially useful if you are moving long distance. When you have already relocated you need an agent that you trust to do its best to sell your house. Probably you will hire a moving company if you are moving long distance. There are reliable movers, long distance moving companies Canada, which you can hire and ask to advise you in everything regarding your relocation. When you have moved a long distance and nothing is happening with the sale, make sure that you know what is going on and be included all the time. You can ask your friends or family for help to stay connected. Be sure that you know why your house isn’t selling and that you are taking the necessary steps to change it.