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    Relocation to Halifax – what is there to gain from it?

    Relocating can be a great adventure. True, it can get complicated from time to time, but at the end of a day, there is something amazing waiting for you – the new home. Sometimes people move to look for a better job opportunity. Sometimes they move in pursuit of education, because of family, love. Nevertheless, to make it less stressful, one needs to prepare the best he can. If you have decided that the relocation to Halifax is your next move, then be sure to take every step you need for a safe and quick move which experienced movers Ontario can surely help you with.

    Halifax bridge
    Turn relocation to Halifax into a great adventure.

    First, learn a thing or two about Halifax

    Besides the fact that this city has a lot to offer, it’s always good to know something about a place you are moving to. It will help you blend better and connect easier and faster with the residents of the city. Besides, it is a good icebreaker in every conversation. And so, it’s important to know that Halifax is the capital of Canada’s eastern region Nova Scotia. It has a population of around 400 thousand people. The Honourable Edward Cornwallis of England Is considered the city’s founder back in 1749. This makes it one of the oldest Canadian cities with a long history. Unfortunately, in 1917 there was a massive explosion in Halifax when a French cargo ship transporting explosives from the time of war and a Norwegian ship collided. This has caused the death of more than two thousand people, leaving more than nine thousand with severe injuries.

    Why is the relocation to Halifax a good decision?

    Sometimes it is ungrateful to talk about these things as every person perceives things differently. On the other hand, Halifax is a city which has the ability to easily steal everyone’s hearts. This is something which becomes obvious as soon as you step on its surface. But let us see what are some of the best things about this city.

    The proximity to the ocean

    As Nova Scotia is a peninsula, it is surrounded by water. Therefore, no matter where you choose to settle, including Halifax, you will never be too far away from the coast. The beaches are just magnificent. They are filled with fine sand and the view of the coast from many viewpoints is simply breath-taking. During a day, you can easily catch a sight of cruise and cargo ships coming near the harbor.

    an image of ocean in the sunset
    You’re never too far away from the ocean in Halifax.

    You’ll receive a top-notch education

    When it comes to this aspect, it is not rare to see many young people from across the world, and other parts of Canada coming here to pursue their education. If you are one of them, consider contacting long distance moving companies Canada in order to get the information which company could provide you with the best moving services. The goal is to relocate as fast as possible and without stress so that you could concentrate on your studies. The students in Halifax can choose among six universities:

    1. Dalhousie University
    2. Saint Mary’s University
    3. Nova Scotia Community College
    4. The Atlantic School of Theology
    5. Mount Saint Vincent University
    6. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

    As you can see the array of educational profiles is large and you can surely find something of your interest. The best part, you are bound to receive a high-quality education. After that, you will have higher chances to find yourself a job in the desired industry.

    Get the best education in Halifax
    Choose among great Universities in Halifax.

    People here know how to have fun

    If you thought that having you will find great venues only in the biggest cities such as Toronto and Ottawa, let us prove you wrong. One of the most famous fun facts regarding Halifax is that it has more bars and coffee shops than any other city in North America if we would count the population of those cities. Once you decide whether to buy a house or an apartment, there are a couple of must-go taverns which have a two-hundred-year tradition of serving the locals you must include in your routine. So, our recommendation is to pay a visit to The Split Crow Pub to join the locals for a beer or two.

    Those in The Old Triangle will be happy to share the most famous stories with you if you share a beer with them. You can taste a good bite here, too!

    Check out the festivals

    Throughout the year, expect a lot of fun and great events. Some of the most popular is the Halifax Fringe Festival which is an annual festival of non-mainstream theatre. Each year, the festival is growing, including more shows and different kinds of performances. Those most usually include drama shows and musicals, comedies and dance performances. During those ten days, you are sure to experience a huge surge of great, positive energy and meet a lot of people.

    If you are more into moving pictures, then Fin Atlantic Festival is the right for you. This festival celebrates film, music, and media from all around the world. From September 13 – 20 a great number of filmmakers and everyone in love with this form of an art will have a meeting point at Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane.

    An image of a film camera
    Enjoy the Halifax Film Festival.

    Halifax is an affordable city

    This is probably one of the most important information for those with a tight budget of with those relocating with a family. Well, don’t you worry about anything. Compared to other cities in Canada, Halifax is truly a city which is very affordable, with housing prices lower than in, let’s say Toronto and Ottawa. This is one of the reasons why relocation to Halifax has doubled in the past decade.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags and prepare for your relocation to Halifax. As soon as you arrive, you will meet your new neighbors. And who knows, maybe some of them will even become your best friends.