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    How to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank

    Kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the place where you probably spend the most time in, so it’s important to be practical and comfortable. But if your kitchen needs some renovating, this can be an issue. An old looking kitchen that no longer suits you, cannot simply be thrown away. So before you go and buy a new one, you need to sincerely ask yourself: do you really need a new kitchen… Or you can simply remodel your kitchen? So let’s see what you can do to make your old kitchen shine – without breaking the bank.

    Want to remodel your kitchen? Here are some pro and cons

    First thing first: why do you want to remodel your kitchen? And why do you want to save money on renovating? If you have just moved to Ontario, we hear you. Even if you moved with the best moving companies Ontario relocation can have a big impact on your home budget. So – how much does it really cost to renovate a kitchen?

    table cloth - remodel your kitchen
    Can you really remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank?!

    Simply, there is no unique price for kitchen remodeling. The price varies depending on the material you choose for the cabinets, paints, and mechanisms that are installed, but also on the dimensions. So the new kitchen can cost you 1000 USD, and you can get one for 100,000 USD. There are no rules.

    But – if you remodel your kitchen, you can really save money, especially if you will are going to renovate and change the mechanisms yourself. Hey, you can save if you put an old kitchen in storage units Ontario for a few days!

    Here are some of the benefits if you remodel your kitchen:

    • There is no demolition and removal of the old kitchen
    • The kitchen is functional during renovation
    • It’s cheaper than building a new one
    • There are a number of colors that you can choose from

    Disadvantages of kitchen renovation:

    • The new color will not fix the bad design of the kitchen
    • You will constantly think that you will spend less money and you will choose more expensive items

    Re-use your kitchen elements

    Kitchen elements take up most of the space in any kitchen, and if you refresh them with a new color, your kitchen can shine like new. If old surfaces are made of materials that can not be painted, reach for self-adhesive wallpapers. In order to achieve the right effect, in the small kitchen, decorate the lower cabinets with a darker color and the upper one with brighter tones. Ideally, the top elements should be the same color as the wall color behind them or wall tiles (if they are bright-toned). You can use the same trick for cabinets if you are looking for ways to remodel your bathroom.

    Throw away anything you don’t need

    If you are thinking about how to remodel your kitchen without breaking any bank – just throw things away. It’s that simple. You can do this in ay room of your house, not just the kitchen. For example, if you are not planning to remodel your attic, this is the first place to go and get rid of extra stuff.

    If you refresh your kitchen elements with a new color, your kitchen can shine like new.

    Still, when you enter the house, most often you first go to the kitchen to leave everything you have bought. That’s why you often fill up your kitchen with unnecessary items like bills, promotional booklets, and small gifts from the shop. Be ruthless towards these numerous little things and throw them right away. Design a new place where you will put just what you really need. If you do not have a free drawer, put everything in one box – never in a bowl. Check the contents of the box once a month. If you did not need anything from it for a full month, it’s a good idea to empty the box directly into the wastebasket.

    Get new lightning

    Instead of the usual kitchen ceiling design, create a more interesting lighting solution. There is a wide choice of a variety of luminaires, small reflectors and halogen lamps, which can be installed below the upper elements. Probably the most useful is a neon lamp that is placed on the wall, closer to the upper elements. This is a smart solution that doesn’t cost much.

    Get new dishes

    The new bowl, pot, set of plates or cutlery will give you an unbelievable sense of change. When you place new dishes on the table, you will suddenly have the desire to remodel and refresh other things in the kitchen as well. If nothing, at least you will enjoy at the table. Even if you come across a cheap and interesting tablecloth or nice coasters, enjoyment will be complete. Also, remove all old cloths because there is no place for them in your new ambiance.

    New lighting is a smart solution that doesn’t cost much.

    Change your counter space

    Perhaps your counter space is in good condition, but it’s out of date or in the wrong color. Replace it with a new one, which is very easy and simple, at an affordable price. You can also place tiles on the old board, which look very effective, but not easy to maintain as classic counter space. A cheaper home improvement option is to apply a special color over the old board, but this is just a short-term solution.

    Mask old kitchen tiles

    Nowadays there are numerous special colors that you can paint old tiles with. First, fix the old joints, and then move on to the work of precisely painting the tiles. Over the old tiles, you can also tape a floor tape with an interesting pattern.

    Think about the details

    Details are everything. So instead of buying a new kitchen, simply change the handles on the cabinets. Measure the distance between the holes in which the old handles are screwed in carefully. Or, better still, take the old handles when shopping. Look for some interesting ones that will make the dull kitchen look as new. Do not be guided by the handmade designs, but feel free to go through the flea markets, where you can find interesting details for small money.

    In the end, we hope we hope we have shown you how with small changes you can remodel your kitchen… And you do not have to spend a lot of money on it. As always, pay attention to details, because they affect the overall impression more than you think.