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    Renting a moving truck – pros and cons

    You are considering your budget for moving day? Surely, you are considering if renting a moving truck is a good idea or not, among other things. If you are still thinking about it then you need to research both reasons for and against it. Of course, that depends on your budget.

    Make your moving easier

    This is your primary task. You need to make your move easier and less stressful. You can accomplish this if you are well organized and prepared. Do your research on various moving companies, prices of moving and try to fit everything in your budget. If you are hiring a professional help you will make your job easier. You will have a shorter list of things you need to do.

    When you are organizing your thing for a move, make sure that you are moving only the things you need. If you have some clothes that you haven’t worn for a longer time, that donate them. Same stands for other, larger items. If you are sure you won’t be using them, then give them away. Pack one bag or a box with moving essentials. Think of them as your survival kit. Those are all the things you will need for the moving day.

    Woman sitting next to the suitcase
    Pack all important belongings and carry it with yourself.

    What to do with the belongings?

    One of the biggest things to consider on your moving day is the transport of your belongings. Renting a moving truck is necessary for some people. The others would like to transport their stuff themselves.  Just be sure that you understand that if you don’t have a truck already it will be much more difficult for you to move. You will have to go several times back and forward to move everything. On the other hand, if you rent a larger vehicle, will you be able to drive it?

    Also, make sure to choose the right and reliable moving company. Do your research if you have decided to hire professionals. People’s experiences say that when you are moving to a different city or farther away, it is best to hire local movers. When you are moving to a bigger city, like Ontario then consider local movers Ontario. This is a smart solution because they know the neighborhood the best. Actually, this is only one of the advantages.

    Renting a moving truck

    Everybody wants to save some money when moving. If you are doing it yourself you will save money for sure. It will take longer to move and it will be harder for you – but cheaper. Deciding on moving without hiring movers means that you have to be well organized. In addition, you will need some kind of help. You can ask your friends and family but it will not be easy to find a helping hand. This is especially difficult when it comes to lifting big furniture or other heavy items.

    On the other hand, if you want to hire movers it will be more expensive. However, you won’t have to do the heavy lifting. If you want to make sure that your move goes smooth, among other things, you‘ll have multiple benefits from moving company.

    Moving truck size

    Not many people know that this is a significant step. You need to make sure that you pick the right kind of moving truck if you are renting a moving truck. First, you need to consider larger and bulkier furniture and how much space it takes. Think about everything you need to move from furniture to boxes and try to estimate the size of the moving truck you need.

    Moving truck on a highway
    Long distance moving acquires additional expenses.

    Of course, there is an important difference on whether you are moving long distance or somewhere near. If you are moving far away then you can’t rely on making a couple of trips. This is the case when it is the best to rent a larger moving truck, just to be sure. When you are not sure how much things you have then always go for larger but do not underestimate your belongings. Sometimes it is difficult to pack everything properly. Professional movers are loading trucks all the time. They are well trained to pack everything so they save as much space as they can. But don’t forget that they do this for a living. If you are planning to move by yourself or with help of friends and family, again rent a bigger truck.

    If you hire movers, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right size and loading the truck properly.

    Cost of a moving truck

    Sometimes when you are choosing the size of the truck, you don’t have so many options. Many renters have only a couple, two or three truck sizes, for you to choose from. This is actually your advantage because it simplifies your choice.

    Smaller trucks are good for local moving. In this case, you can make a couple trips and transport everything. However, the price depends on a moving truck company. When you are renting a moving truck, the price usually depends on the size of the truck, distance, and duration of transport. Also, don’t forget about fuel costs and insurance. Check with the truck company precisely what is included in the price of the moving truck.

    Don’t be surprised if you see that sometimes a larger truck costs the same as smaller one. That is because many companies have a larger list of bigger trucks than smaller ones. When you are adding all your expenses, don’t forget about additional fuel and tolls. If you are moving long distance, you will be on a highway and this can be quite an expense. Sometimes it is better to pay for everything in the start and don’t be surprised by the additional costs. If you are choosing movers, make sure to find a reliable and affordable one. Also, ask them for moving tips.

    Drive your own moving truck

    Person driving on a highway and Renting a moving truck
    You can save some more money if you drive a truck yourself.

    Last, but not least. If you are driving a truck for the first time, make sure that you try it a little first. You have to be familiar with moving truck size and weight when you are renting a moving truck.  If you are not so sure in your driving than do not experiment. Ask somebody to drive it for you, even if it is local moving. You can also hire some of expert moving companies Ontario.