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    Renting in Ontario – Tenant Rights and Obligations

    People who are tenants usually fail to do a detailed research about what their actual rights are. Furthermore, even less often do they look into all the obligations they have as such. Today, we will cover the topic of tenant rights and obligations. We will dwell deeper into the subject and speak of the most common, and most relevant tenant rights and obligations.

    The rights we will mention exist and are yours no matter what. Obligations, on the other hand, are also the lines you need to respect and honor if you expect your rights to stay intact. You need common sense to understand them. And very few people disagree with them. However, less and less have they respected the way they should be. By failing to respect your obligations you might be negating some other tenant’s rights. And vice versa. So be wary of this. They are not difficult to follow, and they are something that everyone should live by.

    tenant rights and obligations are things that need to be honored in your little house.
    You should know your rights in your little palace.

    This goes for when you wish to rent storage units in Ontario, as well.

    Tenant rights and obligations

    There are numerous rights that you have as a tenant. And this is the way it should be. You pay your rent fair and square. This article will inform you of what these rights are. If these rights are violated in any way you should always make the step of making a formal complaint. People usually make the mistake of either trying to fix the issues themselves or being quiet about it.

    Peace and quiet

    As a tenant, you have the absolute right to peace and quiet. Furthermore, you have the right to have the exclusive enjoyment of your home. This means that if there is any noise coming from the other tenants or neighbors you can always make the first step of politely asking them to stop disturbing you. If this fails, the following step would be to contact and inform your landlord. If none of the two work you can always resort to filing a formal complaint.

    Contacting the landlord

    In regards to the previous section, if you feel that any of your tenant rights are violated you are entitled to contact your landlord at reasonable times. You are also entitled to having access to various mediums of communication, some of them being a telephone number, email address, postal address and so forth.

    Contacting your landlord is one of your rights!
    You have the right to contact them at reasonable times.

    Repair reimbursement

    One of the elements of your tenant rights and obligations comes down to you having the right to be reimbursed for any repairs that take place at your expense. So, for instance, if your washing machine stops working and you pay for the repairs the landlord is obligated to reimburse you for all the money spent in this manner. This goes for all types of repairs that take place in the apartment you are renting. This does not apply for the damage you cause.

    Right to have guests

    Unless otherwise specified in the tenancy agreement that you signed, you are entitled to have guests come over or even stay at your place for shorter periods of times. This is something that you, of course, should always let your landlord know in order to avoid miscommunication.

    Deposit reclaim

    As a tenant, you have the right to claim your deposit once you decide to end your tenancy. This, of course, is not the case if there were some damages that you caused to the apartment. So, in case you are leaving the apartment the way it was when you got in, the landlord is obligated to pay you back the deposit you gave when entering the apartment.

    Tenant rights and obligations

    As far as the obligations go, they are equally important to understand and follow. If you follow your obligations as a tenant you are most likely respecting the rights of other tenants. This is why this is so important. If you hope that others respect your rights – you have to respect the rights of others. Consult your long distance moving companies in Canada before starting this relocation. They will know much more about the matter.

    Paying the rent

    The first obligation is simple. You must pay the rent on time. 

    Whichever date you choose with your landlord – that is the date you honor. Additionally, you have to pay any other charges that are specified in the tenancy agreement. For instance, all the bills, waste collection charges, utilities, management fees, etc. You need to pay all of these on time.

    Keeping everything in order

    One obligation that goes without saying is that you need to maintain the property. You need to keep everything in good order and maintain the condition you found it in. You should do everything you can to avoid any type of damage or nuisance.

    Comply with the tenancy agreement

    You need to do everything in your power to continuously comply with all the elements of the tenancy agreement that you have signed.

    Timely leave notice

    Once you decide to move with your life and relocate elsewhere, you need to give your landlord a proper heads up. This means that you should inform your landlord ahead of time that you will be moving out. If you do this, then your landlord will have enough time to find someone else to fill in the vacancy. You have to be respectful in this way because your landlord is most likely making a living out of renting these units.

    Moving out without a months notice is not something you should practice doing.
    Make sure you don’t make an abrupt move. Your landlord might be in trouble.

    The bottom line is the following: if you are fair to others you can expect others to be fair to you. By abiding the obligations you have you in turn honor those around you. Likewise, if you wish respect you have to give respect. Plus, these obligations are not hard to follow. It’s simple courtesy. And it can get you far. This more or less stays the same even when you purchase your home. The difference is that you become the landlord.