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    Should you help your movers?

    No matter in which profession you are you probably interact with people. Many times, when you work, you could be happier and more productive if you can set boundaries. Sometimes moving professional feel the same way. People who hire local movers in Sudbury often wonder about moving they etiquette. If you are also wondering if you should help your movers and how, here are some pointers. Moving professional say help is very welcome. Here are pieces of advice from professionals. What should you do to help your movers before and when they arrive. On the other hand, you should know what you shouldn’t do to help the moving companies Sudbury get the job done as professionally as possible.

    Unplug and disconnect all electronic devices

    How to prepare for your long distance movers Ontario? The best way to start is to unplug and disconnect as many electronic devices in your home as you can. Professional movers shouldn’t be bothered with a dusty tangle of connections behind your TV stand.

    The best way to help your movers is to unplug and disconnect as many electronic devices in your home as you can.

    That wouldn’t be a difficult task for them but you can jump right ahead and disconnect all of them yourself. The great thing is that if you do it yourself you will have more time to pack all the cables in different bags and label them correctly. That way you will save time for your movers and eventually money. The more the moving process lasts, the more the more money you will pay your movers if they charge by the hour.

    How to make your bed move-ready?

    You can make your bed move-ready by stripping the mattress and fold your bedding. It is really useful to do this part before the movers arrive. When movers are in a hurry they tend to stick everything together in a box. Keep in mind to fold everything properly so it doesn’t get damaged or torn during the move.

    Make space for any non-movables

    During the packing process, many items get packed with something else by accident. To avoid this from happening to make sure you set aside all the essentials you need during the move. Professionals advise that you should keep one box and take it with yourself during the move. Your important documents, passports, medication, money, valuables and other similar items you should carry with you.

    On the other hand, your professional movers should give you advice on items you shouldn’t pack with the rest of your belongings. Any flammable, corrosive or other hazardous items shouldn’t be transported. If you pack by yourself ask your professional moving company for the list of items they will not transport. When you know which items are forbidden to transport you should dispose of them before the movers arrive.

    Defrost your freezer

    Another way to prepare your home for the movers is to clear out your fridge. Defrosting the freezer takes up to 8 hours. If you forget to do this part ahead of time it will set you back a lot after the movers arrive. The first problem is that they cannot transport a freezer while still frosted. The second one is that you won’t know what to do with all the food. If you take care of your freezer ahead of time you will be able to use all the food before the moving day.

    cleaning fridge
    Prepare your home for the movers and clean and defrost your freezer.

    Movers cannot transport gas

    Movers expect for you to finish packing before they arrive unless you hire them to also pack everything for you. On the other hand, they usually expect you to drain gas from any appliance you have that uses gas. The reason for this is because movers cannot transport gas. Your snow blower, leaf blower or any propane tanks should be empty before movers arrive. If that is not the case, they will probably refuse to take it. They cannot put those items into the moving truck.

    Clear your walls to help your movers

    Help your movers by getting everything off every single wall. That way when your movers arrive they won’t have to hassle with unmounting every bookshelf you own. You can do this job with a little help from your friends and basic tools.

    picture on the wall
    You can do get everything off your walls with a little help and basic tools.

    Professionals advice is to start doing this part of the move a week or two before the moving day. Also, you can pack your nails and hanger things in a separate bag so you can use them again in your new home. If you don’t know or don’t have time to do it yourself, you can hire a handyman to do it for you. This way you will save Sudbury moving services precious time.

    Know what goes where

    You help your movers very much if you know where things go ahead of time. Many people can be indecisive on a moving day. The trick is to prepare yourself and tell your movers exactly what goes where. If you have many things to worry about or you already have the idea for your new home, put it on paper. Make a list of all the things and decide the placement for them. Another way to help your movers is to label all the boxes and write the names of the rooms where they should go. If you do this your movers will work more efficiently and you will save a lot of time and money.

    What about small children and pets?

    Keep in mind that small children and pets can be a distraction for the movers. The best way to be sure to get them out of the way is to hire a babysitter to help you during the moving day. Keep your pets locked away is a room or their house so they don’t get in the way. You can also entrust your pet with a friend or the neighbor during the movers complete their job.

    Keep in mind that small children and pets can be a distraction for the movers.

    Things you can do to help your movers:

    • disconnect electronic devices
    • get small children and pets out of the way
    • getting everything off every single wall
    • take care of your freezer
    • set aside all the essentials and valuables