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    Storage unit organization guidelines

    Renting a storage unit and than crumping your belongings without any order is a waste of time and money. If you are paying for something every month, don’t you want to make a most of it? Good storage unit organization will help you to always know where each item is. That way, you will always find it easily and without much effort. Keeping your storage unit tidy and organized isn’t that hard if you follow these easy guidelines.

    Use one box size for most of your items

    When you have boxes of similar sizes, it will be easier to stack and access them. You can easily find quality and cheap moving boxes in Sudbury but focus on the ones that are medium size.
    Small boxes may be practical, but having a lot of them can make confusion. However, large boxes are trickier because they take a lot of space. They are also very bulky and not very accessible. Keeping it in the middle is always the best recommendation.

    Of course, you will also have to decide about the material of boxes. Who will win in the battle of the plastic bins vs cardboard boxes? Keep in mind that the materials that are suitable for moving your belongings, may not be convenient for their storing.

    When you’re doing storage unit organization, think about the items that you will need easy access to

    Depending on the type of items that you are storing, there will surely be some items that you need access to in the near future. In the end, you are renting the storage unit to keep safe the things that will be useful at some point. Not to storage the things that you will never use again.

    With that in mind,  make storage unit organization basing on the frequency of the things usage. Basically, put the things that you need access to often in the front. The items that you are using once a year go way back in the storage unit.

    When you're doing storage unit organization, think about the items that you will need easy access to.
    Think about how often you use each item.

    Here are a few things that you need easy access to:

    • Tools
    • Hobby supplies
    • Office documents
    • Seasonal clothing
    • Inflatable beds (for guest visits)
    • Beach/winter gear (snorkeling gear, inflatable pool, sleds, ski equipment, etc.)
    • Camping supplies (tents, sleeping bags, cookout utensils)
    • Holiday items and decoration
    • Fine china for special occasions
    • Kids toys

    Storage unit organization starts with labeling

    Proper labeling of each box is very important for the storage unit organization. Your local movers Ontario will emphasize how much that is important for the moving process, but it is equally significant for organizing your storage unit.

    Labeling is the most important part of storage unit organizing.
    Carefully label every box.

    Write down as many details about the content of each box. That will make finding the items that you need so much easier. You won’t have to go to every box vaguely labeled as the “beach stuff” just to find the snorkeling equipment that you need. Good storage unit organization will make keeping your storage unit clean and tidy much easier.

    If your unit is too small, upgrade to the larger storage unit

    If you want to do your storage unit organization in a way that resembles the Tetris game, you should know that it is not a very good plan. Walking in into the labyrinth of boxes that stretch from floor to ceiling undermine the point of the storage unit. Just imagine how much time you will lose trying to find something you need to retrieve. Not to mention the dangers of pulling out one box and the risk of others crumbling down on you. You have to be able to take your items of the storage unit without the fear that you will be buried alive underneath the piles of boxes.

    If you didn’t asses the size of the storage unit correctly, you can always go bigger. Every reputable facility that is renting storage units Ontario will make you a new lease for the bigger storage unit. Without extra charge – the monthly rent will only be increased by the difference between the sizes of the storage units.
    Surely the larger storage units cost a bit more. But it will be the money well spent because you can keep it more organized and you can access your items much easier.

    Think about adding shelves

    Once you have the storage unit of the right size, the next step is storage unit organization. Best way to keep track of all your boxes is to put some sturdy shelves into your unit. When you place boxes that you have previously labeled in details, you will know where everything is at any moment.
    You just need to read the label and pull out the box you seek. It will be that easy, especially if you stack the shelves in the sensible order.

    Include shelves into your storage unite organizing.
    Shelves are a great way to organize your storage unite.

    Properly stacking the shelves should look like this:

    • The bottom shelves – large and heavy boxes
    • Shelves in the middle – medium size and lighter boxes
    • Top shelves – small and light boxes

    This layout is logical since it will prevent the risk of some heavy box falling on your head. The small box of soft toys falling from the top shelf won’t do any damage. To you or to the rest of your stuff. However, the box containing heavy tools flying from the hight shelve will have totally different consequences.

    Make the map of your storage unit organization plan

    For the items that are in the back of your storage unit and/or aren’t visible, you should make a map. Of course, you don’t need the accurate treasure map or the perfect engineer’s design. Simple hand drawn sketch is more than sufficient.
    Make a map of your storage unit, by dividing it into sections. Make a list of the boxes and their contents that are in each section. Whenever you need the box that is out of sight, you just have to consult this map, and you will know where to look for it.