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    Sudbury arts and culture

    Moving to Sudbury is often turning a completely new leaf in your life. It isn’t, after all, the happiest city in Canada for no reason whatsoever. This is a place which has something for all ages. If you’re moving to Ontario after college, it will help you grow in a creative and innovative environment where your opinions matter. In case you want to start a family in Sudbury, it is one of the best places, as well. With a great schooling system, amazing community and plenty of activities for the kids, it will definitely keep you happy. Even if you’re looking to retire to a peaceful town with great neighbors all around, Sudbury is the answer. But, today, we wanted to talk less about why and how you should move to Sudbury. Instead, we want to give you some ideas about what you could do after moving to the city. We give you: Sudbury arts and culture, a short introduction for every recent expat. 

    Arts and culture and moving house

    No connection at all? You’d be surprised! As experienced local Sudbury movers, we know very well what kind of a toll moving house takes on people. So, this is why we always give a small tip to our customers. First, even when preparing your move, you should try and have some free time to rest. We don’t mean going on vacation during your packing. Rather, take a few hours off in the whole mess of the process and go to a local spot with your neighbors. The customers who have done this say that it helped them feel rejuvenated and ready to work harder on their move the next day.

    And, as for when the move is complete, we want to offer the same advice. Sudbury arts and culture are there to help you get over the dreadful feeling which you get when you think of unpacking. Hence, take a chance and explore your new home a bit. The locals are always eager to tell you their own favorite spots and there is never a dull moment in the city.

    A girl experiencing Sudbury arts and culture at a gallery.
    Sudbury arts and culture introduces to you the best of galleries…

    After moving to Ontario, we’d like to recommend the Art Gallery of Sudbury as an activity to ease your mind

    Art is simply huge in Sudbury. There are always plenty of local artists showing their work, in small or large venues. And, numerous foreign creative souls have come to share their view of beauty with this city. In most cases, this is done in the Art Gallery of Sudbury. Here, it really doesn’t matter what age you are. As long as you’re interested in a relaxing afternoon looking at art, you’ll be welcomed.

    The Art Gallery is located in the Bell Mansion, a historical wonder of Sudbury. Paintings, sculptures and other art forms are always there to challenge you. They make you think and make you feel. If you’re exploring Sudbury arts and culture in the summer months, we’d always suggest this place. Why? Because that’s when the gardens are a true art form, as well. With amazing blossoming flowers and the perfect view of the Ramsey Lake, it’s a living painting you can’t forget.

    Instruments for classical music - an important part of Sudbury arts and culture.
    And if your idea of Sudbury arts and culture is classical music…

    Exploring Sudbury arts and culture isn’t complete until you’ve heard the Sudbury Symphony Orchestra

    You will likely find any of these fantastic musicians doing their daily jobs around the city any day. They might serve you at the store or teach your kids at school. However, six times a year they become volunteer musicians in the wonderful Sudbury Symphony Orchestra. And, this is a true spectacle to behold. If you’re a classical music lover, as long-distance movers in Sudbury, we wholeheartedly recommend this as a relaxing activity. The dedication and work which these Sudbury locals put into their daily practice are completely worth a few hours. And, after a stressful move, there really isn’t a better Sudbury arts and culture activity than a concert, is there?

    Classical music isn’t for everyone, Sudbury offers the Northern Lights Festival Boréal, too

    Live music at a festival after moving house.
    Looking to hear some live music? Here’s the perfect event…

    It doesn’t matter where you live in Canada, you’ve likely heard of this festival. It is the event during which dreams come true, after all. And, if you have teens or if you’re in your twenties, this is a must-visit. The Northern Lights Festival Boréal is the longest continuously running musical festival in the country. Each year, it re-invents itself with new talent and eclectic sounds.

    It is the perfect way to leave your comfort zone while exploring Sudbury arts and culture. Look forward to seeing some of the local artists from the numerous live shows in the city on a bigger stage. But, it doesn’t stop there. There are a number of already famous artists who decide to return to their roots. Sudbury arts and culture gives you performances from Bruce Cockburn, Broken Social Scene and a number of other well-known names. There’s nothing we can say except – enjoy!

    Artists on Elgin is another event which must be visited when arts and culture in Sudbury are concerned

    If you’re going to be moving to Sudbury, this is an event which you should definitely consider spending your time on. Artists on Elgin is a project which allows you to learn about the budding local artists and support them. This, of course, doesn’t limit you to only viewing. If you or your children like art, it’s the perfect opportunity. Ask about having your own exhibit. Also, take the chance to promote and sell your own work.

    And in case you get the chance to also visit The Northern Artist Gallery, you may end up liking the Artists on Elgin even more. After all, most of the artists who have exhibits there sell their art via Artists on Elgin. Especially since you’ve recently moved house, this may be a great opportunity. You will be able to buy the art which you liked during your visit to the Northern Gallery. So, think of a visit to the Artists on Elgin as a double job. An opportunity to relax, enjoy the Sudbury arts and culture, as well as decorate the walls of your new home.