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    The appeal of moving to Edmonton

    There are many reasons why we decide to move. Searching for a very nice place that suits you and your family is really difficult and takes time and effort to find. So, you will need to search and spend a lot of time doing that. One of the most beautiful places to live, for sure is, Edmonton CA. If you think that moving to Edmonton is a good decision, you are right!

    Edmonton CA is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. This city is also known as “sunny” city, with 325 sunny days during the year. In here, everyone will find a piece of something they like and that will enjoy. Having a lot of parklands and beautiful nature. You will enjoy living here and spending time with your family.

    Moving to Edmonton will bring the sunlight in your life
    Sunny Edmonton is a great place to live

    The best thing you should do, at the start, is to call and hire a professional moving company. Hiring experienced long distance moving companies in Canada is a smart and good choice!

    Hiring a professional moving company

    No matter when or where we are moving, we need professional help to relocate.  Professional moving companies have years of experience and very trained and devoted employees. Doesn’t matter if moving to Edmonton is long or short distance, professional moving companies are there for you. Let’s mention some of the services that moving company can provide for you.

    • Packing and labeling
    • Transport and truck
    • Taking care of your belongings
    • Storage places
    • Unpacking
    • Insurance
    • Special services

    As everything from the list above, packing supplies are important in order to protect your belongings and to transport them safely to your new location. You would do well to obtain proper packaging supplies Sudbury before committing to the move.

    Now, let’s see why moving to Edmond CA is a good thing to do. You will be able to see and visit a lot of different places and enjoy the nature, walks or even shopping with people you love.

    Climate and temperature in Edmonton

    We already know, Edmonton is a sunny city, with 325 sunny days over the year. Even though the temperature can go from -10°C during the winter to 30°C during the summer, the climate is still pretty much dry. Humidity can be a bad thing for people who have a problem with arthritis or lungs. So, moving to Edmonton may only be a good thing for people who have some health issues.

    No natural disasters!

    Natural disasters are part of our life and planet and there’s nothing we can do about it. Earthquakes and tornados are things that almost everyone is scared of. Earthquakes, same as tornados, can make huge damage, or destroy your home completely. Other than that, people can suffer a lot of injuries during natural disasters like that.

    In Edmonton, you can expect frequent thunderstorms during the summer and they can be occasionally severe. Other than that, you are safe from earthquakes and tsunamis. Just for the information, the last significant tornado happened in 1987.

    Education and schools

    You don’t have to worry about your kid’s education at all. Edmonton has very good public schools, private schools, and Catholic ones as well. Some of the private schools are Progressive Academy and Venture Academy Troubled Teens Program. Other than that, Edmonton is particularly good for those who are interested in language education and tutoring. Being a home to the oldest Chinese immersion program in the country, but also other languages, such as Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French etc. And because we all love and want the best for our children and us of course, this is one of the good reasons why you should consider moving to Edmonton as a perfect thing to do!

    A perfect family-friendly place to settle down

    This is a perfect place for you to settle down with your family. Residents here are really friendly and helpful and pretty much “down to earth” compared to other big cities around. Therefore people are really nice and always ready to help if you need any. Also, you will get along with people at your workplace too.

    Moving to Edmonton will make your whole family happy!
    A great place for your family!

    So, with friendly, “down to earth” people and plenty of good job opportunities, you can be sure that Edmonton is a perfect place for you.

    Places to visit in Edmonton

    Edmonton has many public places that you can go sightseeing
    Art Gallery of Alberta is one of the must-see places in Edmonton

    This town has certainly something for everyone. If you enjoy walks, spending time sitting on a bench in a park and reading your favorite book, or you like to run and exercise alone or with your family. There are plenty of activities you can do. Also, if you like to know more about culture, to visit museums and other educational places, Edmonton is a perfect place for that too. Let’s mention a few places you should visit!

    • Fort Edmonton Park – This place should probably be the first one to visit. It is the largest living history museum in Canada.
    • The John Janzen Nature Centre – Best place for you if you are interested in educational programming.
    • The Francis Winspear Centre for Music – If you like music and enjoy listening to Symphony Orchestra, this is a place you must visit!
    • Muttart Conservatory – Enjoying nature, this is the place for you. This is a botanical garden and it has four feature pyramids and of course plenty of different plant species!
    • The Arts Barn – Perfect place to visit if you enjoy events, performances, and festivals. One of the most popular and known is the International Fringe Festival. Do not miss it!

    In the end, just a reminder, before you decide to move, in order to save some money, you should plan your moving budget.

    Hopefully, you will love this beautiful city, and after reading this, you will want to move to Edmonton even more!  Good luck!