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    Things your movers won’t move

    Moving into a new home is exciting but the process of packing and relocating all your possessions can also be stressful and tiring. Moving companies can save you a lot of time and energy. Before you start packing it’s important to inform yourself about the things your movers won’t move. If you don’t know this, you might have to unload and unpack on the moving day. That is why you should always research all aspects of the move and prepare well in advance. The most important part of the moving is finding a reliable moving company that will handle your belongings with care. After that, you can start thinking about items that most professional moving companies won’t move for you.

    How to find a reliable moving company?

    When you start searching for good movers, first check whether they have a license and offer insurance. Local movers Ontario will simplify the moving process and meet all your special requirements. Experienced movers will provide all the necessary information, overcome problems that might occur before or during the relocation process, provide packing services and storage options. You can ask your friends or family for a moving company referral.

    They might have used moving services before or know someone who has. Their experience is invaluable because they are the people you trust and will give you honest feedback. Next, browse the Internet and check the company’s reviews and ratings. You will find previously submitted comments and complaints, as well as the mark for an overall impression. Once you decide which moving company to hire, check which things your movers won’t move.

    Hazardous materials are on the list of things your movers won’t move

    If you want to move items that are potentially dangerous, it’s likely that your movers will refuse to pack and relocate them. You will find many of these things when you start packing up your garage. One of the “non-allowable” items is gasoline. This means that all motorized tools, such as your lawnmower, leaf blower or string trimmer, can be hazardous if you leave any fuel in their tanks. Moving companies will not transport these tools in that case because they can be perilous and combustible. That is why you have to empty of fuel all gas-powered tools before you pack them. In addition to gasoline, all other explosive and flammable items are things you movers won’t move. The list also includes acids, aerosols, ammunition, car batteries, fireworks, paint, kerosene, etc. Keep this in mind when you start packing for the relocation.

    Moving motorized tools can be dangerous.
    You must empty of fuel all motorized tools before moving them.

    Perishable food

    The reason why food is on the list of things your movers won’t move is the fact that it can leak or attract some pests. If you have some open containers or glass jars, it’s best not to transport them as they can crack or break. However, some moving companies will even transport perishable food as long as they are properly packed. On the other hand, non-perishable food such as spices, dried goods, canned foods is allowed to be moved. When in doubt, just contact your moving company and they will advise you about the food you can pack and transport.

    Personal or valuable items are things your movers won’t move

    Professional movers don’t like to move items that are extremely valuable and irreplaceable. The reason is simple – there is always a risk that something will get damaged or lost during transport. Also, it’s important to know that most moving companies offer basic insurance which is included in the original cost but provides only minimal coverage. That means that the insurance is not related to the actual value of your goods but predetermined at 60 cents per pound per article.

    Moving valuable items is always risky.
    Extremely valuable items are on the list of things your movers won’t move

    That is why it’s best to have these possessions close to you or consider buying additional insurance. Full value protection means that they will either repair your item, replace it or compensate for its current value. It’s highly advisable to take pictures of your belongings, especially if they are valuable, in case you need to file a compensation claim. The other option is to leave your valuables in storage units. Moving and storage Ontario offers convenient and extremely secure storage options.


    One of the things your movers won’t move is plants. Due to certain regulations, many movers refuse to transport plants and it’s even illegal to move them more than 150 miles without a special license. If you are organizing a long-distance move, you should check whether you can take your plants because certain species cannot be moved to a new state or country. Some movers don’t want to move them because they are fragile and can be damaged easily. In any case, you should always check with your movers what is their policy on this matter.

    One of the things your movers won’t move is plants.
    Check with your moving company what is their policy on relocating plants

    Why movers won’t move some things?

    One of the main reasons why movers refuse to transport certain items is safety. It’s simply dangerous to move goods that can burn, corrode or explode. This can cause serious injuries or even death, and safety always comes first. Some items are illegal to move or can cause harm to the environment. Every experienced company will have a list of items they will not move. It’s advisable to inform yourself about their regulations before you start the packing process.


    You have finally found your perfect home and now it’s time to relocate. Most of us dread the moving process, especially packing which is usually the most painful part. One of the easiest ways to simplify this process is to hire a reliable moving company. Professional and experienced movers will get the job done right – and fast. The packing process should start at least a couple of weeks before the moving day. Before you start organizing, boxing and labeling make sure to check which things your movers won’t move. In this way, you will avoid repacking and possibly unpleasant situations.