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    Tips for de-cluttering home before you move

    Before every relocation, it’s always better to sort out the things you will pack and move. If you plan to move, de-cluttering home is a must. Not only will it help you pack, but also get rid of unnecessary stuff you don’t want to move. Before you hire professional movers Ontario to help you relocate, you should make a general cleaning of your home. If you know exactly what you want to pack, your movers will be more efficient when packing your things. Keep reading and find out some of the useful tips for de-cluttering your home before the move.

    Make a list before de-cluttering home

    Every organizing task goes better if you’re prepared. Before you start losing things and forgetting what you own, you should make a list. This list should not consist of all of your belongings. It should have all the tasks you plan to do before the move. Including de-cluttering home. If you write everything down you won’t be spending too much time to do it. Also, you will not lose the sight of the most important tasks you wanted to do.

    Before you start de-cluttering you should make a plan.

    De-cluttering home can be exhausting if you don’t organize your time. If you feel like it’ a boring thing to do or you don’t have time for it – you’re wrong. Pick any activity that will help with the de-cluttering home before the move. Give yourself not more than 5 minutes to finish that task. Consider choosing easier tasks in the beginning, so you can manage to finish it in 5 minutes. This 5-minute rule will help you not waste your time and keep the bigger picture while preparing for the move.

    Promise to fill one trash bag

    If you plan to move from one home to another, you will have some waste to throw away. Even if you’re not planning to downsize to a smaller apartment. During the preparation for the move, most of the people realize that they don’t need half of the stuff they own. If you don’t think so, try to imagine your new home with all those extra things you didn’t use for the past year. After you get rid of all the unnecessary things, you can clean your house like a pro.

    Imagine a different space

    Things you used for decorating your home might not look the same in your new one. De-cluttering home is a perfect way to imagine the new space you’re going to live in. If you love decorating, try to imagine where the light source will be in your new home. In case your current home has darker colors, try to imagine if the carpet and the drapes will fit into your new home. If not, there’s an easy decision! Make your mind and donate, give away or sell items you don’t need anymore.

    Try out “the four-box method”

    garage sale
    Decide if you want to sell, give away or throw away the things you don’t need.

    If you don’t want to hoard your home with unnecessary stuff, you should try out “the four-box method”. It was invented to keep the minimalistic decoration style of the house. If this is not your preferred style, think of it as the “clean look” for your home. The point of this de-cluttering rule is to get 4 different boxes and label them:

    • trash
    • give away
    • keep
    • relocate

    The best part of this plan for de-cluttering home is that everybody benefits from it. Also, this trick will save you a lot of time while preparing for the move.

    Don’t by new decoration items before the move

    Check the storage rooms in your home. Things like old squished pillows and mattresses are just not necessary to move.

    The moment you decide you’re going to move, you should stop buying small items for home decoration. Also, you should avoid buying new carpets, drapes, mattresses and other bigger items. The reason is simple – why should you move all of them before you settle in your new home? Don’t forget that during relocation many of your things will pick up some dust. Instead of buying new products, try to get rid of old ones. Things like old squished pillow and mattresses are just not necessary to move. If you still have many things you don’t want to pack and move, you can store them. Ask your local movers Ontario to help you find a convenient storage unit in NYC.

    Don’t spend hours on details

    If you like to spend hours looking through the old photo albums and memories, this is not a good time. When de-cluttering home you need to keep looking at the bigger picture. Try not to lose yourself in the details and focus on the little tasks you wrote down on the list. If you have extra time to spend cleaning every single memorabilia box you have – that’s all right. But if you want to make good decisions and get rid of the unnecessary things, don’t waste time on details.

    clean rooms
    You should do many smaller tasks while de-cluttering your home and try to finish every single one of them.

    Do every task until the end

    While you prepare for the move, make sure not to waste any time. Don’t be too ambitious and decide to de-clutter for 12h every day. However, you should do many smaller tasks while de-cluttering your home and try to finish every single one of them. Try not to rush and have patience. Seeing all the things you don’t need anymore can be overwhelming, especially if you remember them from an emotional time. Just keep in mind not to be superficial and finish what you started.