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    Tips for living in smaller spaces

    Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean that you have to feel claustrophobic and anxious in a cramped flat. Just because you have given up space doesn’t mean that you should give up your style. A small apartment can be cleverly decorated to showcase your personality and lifestyle. Don’t focus on the negatives and challenges but perceive a small space as an opportunity to be creative. We live in a busy and chaotic world so it’s important to make your home an oasis, a place of comfort. Your apartment should make you feel safe, happy, calm. Enjoy decorating it to your taste and have fun with colors and patterns. There are ways to maximize the space and make it seem much bigger than it actually is. Here are some clever tips that will help you make the most of your flat.

    Only bring the essentials

    Moving home is an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Avoid adding unnecessary stress and make an inventory list. This list should contain all the items that you will bring into your new apartment. However, make sure to organize your stuff and declutter before you start packing. Get rid of the things you don’t need – clothes you no longer wear, pieces of furniture that don’t fit into your new home, old magazines,

    We often feel sentimental and keep something even though it’s not useful or we don’t have space for it. But living in smaller spaces means that you have to throw away or donate the things you don’t use or need anymore. It’s unlikely that you will manage to downsize and fit all your belongings without living in constant clutter.  Hiring a reliable and experienced moving company such as Neeley’s Van and Storage will facilitate and accelerate the moving process. Professional movers will handle your possessions with care and meet your expectations.

    Keep it tidy

    Now that you have decluttered before the moving day and minimized your stuff, it should be easier to keep your home tidy. When you are living in smaller spaces, taking things out and leaving them where they landed will create a mess. Your apartment doesn’t have to look like it is out of a magazine, but piled paper and clothes thrown all over the floor can make your flat feel even smaller than it already is. When it comes to decorating, go with a “less is more” approach, otherwise you run the risk of overcrowding your space.

    When living in smaller spaces you should pick a color palette carefully

    Using color to your advantage is one of the best ways to make your space feel bigger. Smart design choices will enable you to take advantage of every inch you can. Neural tones will visually expand a room, while dark colors and large prints can shrink it and make it seem smaller. Low furniture will make your ceilings appear much taller, mirrors and artificial lighting can make rooms seem bigger, as well as glass tables and chairs. When space is limited you have to be resourceful and find creative ideas for decorating your new home. These tricks will do wonders with your space.

    Choosing a color palette is important when living in smaller space
    Choosing the right color palette will make your space feel bigger

    Buy multifunctional furniture

    Multi-purpose furniture is perfect for tiny apartments, as they save both space and money. If you already have such items make sure to bring them into your new home. Long-distance movers Ontario will make your relocation trouble-free. Furniture that can serve many purposes is both functional and stylish. You can find couches that convert into beds, coffee tables with storage space, a wall desk, foldable furniture, etc.

    Choose multi-purpose furniture.
    It’s important to choose furniture that can serve many purposes.

    Don’t forget your walls and corners

    When living in smaller spaces, it’s essentials to use walls and corners. They can provide extra storage space which is crucial for small apartments. Think of creative ways to use corners – a bookshelf, a small office or a closet could be a smart solution, as long as you don’t overcrowd the space. Shelves and art on your walls will not only breathe life and style into your space but also add vertical depth. Instead of taking up valuable space in the kitchen cabinets, you can hang your pots and pans on a wall.

    Pots and pans can be hung over the kitchen island.
    Hang your pots and pans on a wall to save storage space.

    Avoid storing them on the counter because that is your space for cooking preparation. You can hang pots and pans organizer over the kitchen island and save cabinet space. Also, it’s important to create an illusion of space in a small flat. Hang your curtains from the ceiling instead of over the window. This can visually heighten the wall and maximize the light. Your room will seem larger because the wall looks taller.

    Enjoy the advantages of living in smaller spaces

    Contrary to popular belief, living in smaller spaces has many advantages. It’s simpler and more affordable to decorate a small apartment. These spaces are more organized because there isn’t much room for the stuff you don’t really need or use. One of the great perks of living in smaller spaces is that they are much easier to clean. You don’t have to spend hours cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting.

    You’ll put less time, energy, and effort into trying to make your home look presentable and more into enjoying and relaxing. A big apartment can sometimes feel cold and less homey. It’s much easier to personalize a small flat and make it cozy. And, don’t forget that even the smallest homes can look stylish and awesome with a little help. These tips and tricks will make a big difference in your small space.