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    Tips for maximizing your home space

    Living in a small apartment or house can be very cost effective. It’s easier to clean, much easier to heat and it requires a lot less furniture. Not to mention the cost of the home itself. But it’s very easy to run out of space. Even if not at first, over time things pile up. That’s why maximizing your home space is quite important. And there are few tricks you can do to achieve that. From getting rid of some of your stuff to organizing everything properly.

    Declutter your home

    We all have a tendency to accumulate things over time. It’s not easy to get rid of some items that we love. But as times goes on, clothes go out of fashion, appliances become obsolete and we move on. But all those items in the closet take up a lot of valuable space. So, maximizing your home space should start with sorting your belongings. Separate items that you actually use from the ones that are just sitting there. But make sure you are honest with yourself.

    pencils and notebooks that should help with maximizing your home space
    Try to keep only the items you actually use

    We often tend to tell ourselves that even though we haven’t used something in a long time we will at some point. By donating or throwing away old and unused things you will have more available space. If you ever decide to call movers Ontario and relocate, you will have a much easier time packing. Not to mention that your moving costs will be lower. So, after you’ve decided what you are actually using and what is just using up your space, it’s time to get rid of it. There are a number of ways in which you can do that.

    Sell the items you don’t need

    One of the most popular ways for maximizing your home space is having a good old garage sale. You can get rid of some stuff that you don’t need and make a little money doing it. It will probably take up your weekend, but you will be glad you did it. Another, more modern, way is to list them on sites like eBay. You will be surprised by what you can sell with a few photos and a good description. Of course, you can always ask for advice from your moving company in case you are moving.

    Donate your clothes

    Clothes can quickly get out of fashion. And we discard them even though they are in perfect condition. One way to make more room in your efforts towards maximizing your home space is to donate them. To you, they might just be some old clothes. But to the less fortunate they can mean all the difference. Search online for organizations that take them. Not all charities take on clothes. Some focus only on food. But with a 5-minute search, you will find out everything there is to know about donating clothes. And the same goes for other items that are still in a good condition.

    closet full of clothes
    You can always donate clothes you don’t use anymore


    There are many items in your home that can be recycled. Old electronics for example. There are many companies that take even the most beat up electronics and make something useful with them. In some cases, you might actually be able to get some money out of it, depending on the condition of your items. So gather your old computers, cell phones, old TVs and so on and take them to the nearer recycling center.  Some other things can be repurposed. Old bowls can become pots for plans. And if you are handy you can disassemble your furniture and make something new.

    Throw away everything else

    Everything else that you can’t donate or recycle you should throw away. You are most likely never going to use your old things. If you haven’t used them in the last few years odds are you are never going to need them.

    Better organization for maximizing your home space

    When it comes to maximizing your home space every centimeter counts. So you should look at some empty spaces that can serve a purpose. You can get a few cheap boxes to store your winter clothes. And you can stash them away on top of your wardrobe.

    girl on staircases
    You can make storage under your staircase

    Space under the stairs can serve many purposes. You can designate it as shoe storage. You can buy cheap plastic shelves that can fit perfectly down there. Or you can put a hanger and hand your jackets there. Space under the bed can also be used for storage. You can store almost anything there, as long as it fits. From extra bed sheets to old computers. So, look for spaces that are not being used and come up with ways to use them for storage.

    Use what you already have

    You probably own a suitcase or a few bags. They are just sitting there, empty, and taking up space. You can fill them with the clothes you don’t need right now. That way you will make a lot more space for the things that you need right now. And if you need to travel, you can just swap those things for the ones that you are taking with you.

    Rent a storage unit

    One of the best ways for maximizing your home space while keeping all of your stuff is to rent storage units Sudbury. There are many options when it comes to storage. From small ones used for small items like home office material to really big ones that can fit your car. They are especially useful if you want to hold on to your old furniture in case you need it again. Just make sure you measure it before renting. That way you can rent the perfect storage unit. You can save money on storage space but still get a unit that is big enough.

    Your seasonal clothes are also a perfect candidate for storage. Especially winter clothes. They take up so much space, but you only use them during the winter. And there is no need to worry about your items getting damaged. If you need to store some sensitive items, you can always rent a climate-controlled unit. The air temperature and humidity are kept at a constant level there. So even the most sensitive items will be safe there. If you have a comic book collection or stamp collection, they will certainly be safer in the storage unit than at home.