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    Tips for merging two households into one

    We all want to live with our loved ones. So, the first step is merging two households into one. You have to know that this step requires a lot of time, planning, communication etc. Also, the most important thing, in order to save time is to make a moving checklist and/or “to-do” list. When you decide to move or merge two households into one, the best option is to hire a professional moving company to help you. You also can relocate all your stuff yourself. That will probably take more time and effort, and you will lose a lot of nerves.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    A professional moving company has a solution for everything when moving industry is in question. Professional moving companies have years of experience and well trained and good employees. So, if you decide to hire a moving company, you can get help from local movers Ontario.

    Moving things from two households requires a lot of work so consider hiring professionals to help you
    Hire professionals to help you with moving and you will have a partner in achieving the goal of easy moving

    Merging two households into one can be easier with a professional moving company. You can call them and ask for advice and of course, ask for their services and calculate the costs. Let’s mention some of the services that a professional moving company can offer:

    • Examining and calculating the costs of the move
    • Packing and labeling
    • Insurance policy
    • Truck and transport
    • Storage units/facilities
    • Unpacking/recycling
    • Other special services

    What you should do when merging two households into one

    So, if both sides agreed on merging two households into one, the first thing they need to do is to make plans together and communicate. Another important thing that you should discuss is, picking out your favorite pieces from both homes. Also, you should agree on the pieces that you won’t need anymore so you can give them away to some friends and family. You should talk about duplicates and check which pieces are newer.

    Anyway, if you don’t want to get rid of all the stuff you have, you can always consider storage units Ontario. Your stuff will be safe there and you will have access whenever you need them.

    Communicate and make plans together

    First of all, good communication is the key to everything. You will have to agree and make plans on what both of the sides need and like. One of you will leave their existing home and move in with the other side or you will both agree to move into a new place and get a fresh start. So, you should first go and check the new place, measure the rooms, talk about wall colors, decide where will be the office, gym, closet etc.

    Pick your favorite pieces from both homes

    This is always one of the problems. We all want to move all of our belongings. But, considering that we don’t live alone anymore, we should make some exceptions. Inherited stuff, valuable things, some family paintings or a small table that our father made for us, we will always find a place for those. But, in case we can’t agree on some bulky stuff, such as a bed or an armoire, the smartest thing is to get rid of them and get new ones. Like this, we will avoid unnecessary arguments and problems.

    It can be a great trouble when merging two households into one if you plan to bring all of your things in
    When you are moving in together in one house it’s probably the best that you don’t try and move all of your things with you

    Agree which pieces you won’t need or use again

    We all have pieces of furniture in our homes that we just can’t get rid of. Even though they are old and should be replaced, we somehow get attached and always procrastinate changing them or getting rid of them. But now, when merging two households into one, it is a good time to do things like that.

    So, both sides should inspect and see which pieces of furniture and appliances, for example, are in better condition. If some of you have a good sofa and it fits better in your new home, the other one should give their away. Also, if you have a bigger or newer refrigerator, you should both agree on keeping it.

    Of course, in case some of your pieces don’t fit your new home, you can always buy new stuff and decorate everything as you like.

    Storage places

    If you hire a professional moving company, they will help you relocate without any problem. Also, if you need some advice or moving tips, they will be happy to help.

    But, merging two households into one will make you get rid of a lot of stuff. In case you think you will still need some of the things you possess, you can always place them in storage places. Almost all professional moving companies will offer you a storage place, or you can rent one on your own. Placing your stuff into storage place will keep them safe and you will always be able to get them if you need. 

    You can use the services of professional storage to keep your things safe for a longer period
    One way to keep things that you don’t want to throw away but don’t fit in your new household is to store them away

    There are several types of storage places, and you can pick which do you want and need. You can find out which size do you need if you communicate with employees from a moving company or storage rental workers. Also, for storing some items that require special care, you will have to rent a climate controlled unit. There are a few different types of storage places, and some are:

    • Climate controlled storage units
    • 24 hours storage place
    • Drive up storage
    • Vehicle storage
    • Business storage

    Decorate your new home

    After you are done with a move, both sides can arrange and decorate your place the way you like. You will both agree on how would you like your home to look like so you will feel comfortable and relaxed when you come back from work or a business trip. Will it look romantic, relaxing, colorful… we will let you decide that and enjoy your new and fresh start!