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    Tips for moving sculptures and antiques

    You’ll encounter many challenges when moving sculptures and antiques. If you want them to arrive at your new home undamaged, you’ll have to do a lot of things. So, before you start packing and moving your valuable pieces, take a look at our tips which will help you have a safe and easy move. The best advice for moving your sculptures is to take things one step at a time. Divide your relocation into many small tasks and make sure you complete every one. This will make the work manageable and you’ll have it done in no time.

    Pack very carefully

    When moving sculptures and antiques you’ll have to pack with extra care. Before you hire the reliable movers in Ontario to transport your valuables you should pack and secure them. This process will take a long time and your items should be packed with extra care.

    Get the right equipment

    First of all, you’ll need the right tools for this job. Don’t be stingy here, since a little investment now might save you a lot of money later. You wouldn’t want to damage any of your valuable antiques or sculptures while transporting them. Before you start packing, you should have:

    • wrapping – bubble wrap, plastic wrap, paper wrap. Depending on what kind of material you plan on proofing you’ll need some or all of these.
    • cardboard – this will provide additional protection, once the item has already been wrapped.
    • more cushioning – don’t be afraid to provide additional cushioning when moving sculptures and antiques. Use blankets, pillows or actual cushions. If you feel your items need more protection you can also double up on the wrap.
    • boxes and crates – find the proper crating for your items as the final step in securing your sculptures.
    A lot of bubble wrap.
    Use enough protection to ensure your items’ safe journey.

    Request help when moving sculptures and antiques

    You can ask your friends to help you with the packing. Make sure you give them detailed instructions on how to treat your items. Also, if you’re not confident in their skills in handling your items, you can hire professional help.

    Watch out!

    You should be aware of some special factors when you’re packing your valuable items. Many of these items will have an unconventional shape. This will make them very hard to put in crates. Don’t be afraid to order special crates when moving sculptures and antiques. With no wiggle room, your items should be snug and safe. This is especially important for fragile pieces. Use more padding when you’re packing items which can break easily.

    the shape of this statue makes moving sculptures and antiques very difficult
    Some sculptures have unusual shapes. Make sure you protect them well.

    Another thing you should do when you pack your sculptures and antiques is to protect the corners of your items. Even when they’re wrapped and packed, the corners of your items will still receive a lot of wear. If you decide not to put your items in crates, reinforcing their corners is essential. Finally, you should be extra careful when you’re loading your sculptures or antiques into the moving truck. Place them in a way that they can’t topple and break. Also, make sure that nothing else can fall on them and damage them.

    Use detailed labeling when moving sculptures and antiques

    The last thing you should do when you’re packing your sculptures is to make an inventory of all the items. Write what’s in every box and give each box a number. This way only you’ll know what’s where. Make sure you take pictures of them before you pack and move them. Finally, mark all the boxes. Mark which side is up, what’s fragile and what’s heavy.

    When moving sculptures and antiques make sure you label accordingly.
    Mark your boxes in detail. You don’t want them to get damaged.

    Get insurance

    One of the most important thins to do when you’re moving sculptures and antiques is to get some sort of insurance for your items. Moving your entire house is unpredictable, and your items may get damaged. You should have them insured in case the worst happens. Find an expert to appraise the value of your things in order to get a more specific insurance deal. Some moving companies offer some types of insurance for your items while they’re in their care. However, you should still have a backup, just in case.

    Hire professional movers

    One of the ways to avoid all the trouble and stress with moving sculptures and antiques is to hire the pros. This is especially important with long-distance relocations. Since moving your precious items will be hard enough, if you’re relocating far away you should get help from long distance movers Canada. Only the best movers will know how to treat your things right. Since they have experience in relocating these types of items, you won’t need to worry about any mishaps. Your items will arrive on location exactly in the condition they left your home.

    Put them in storage

    If you’re moving internationally or very far away you might consider shipping your valuables to the location of your new home. If you’re moving to Canada, make sure you hire a reliable moving and storage Ontario company, so you’ll things will be safe from the elements and proofed against theft. Remember, moving sculptures and antiques this way is only easier if you’re moving far away.

    Storage facilities
    If you’re moving a long way, put your sculptures in storage

    Be prepared

    Finally, when you’re relocating your valuable art and antiques, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Ensure you have enough spare wrapping and tape to make quick repairs on the road. Also, having some additional cardboard wouldn’t hurt. Apart from this, you can get strapping to secure your valuable items inside the moving truck. Finally, if you’re moving into Canada, you’ll want to check out the if you can import your antiques to Canada duty-free. These are all precautions and, if everything works out well, you won’t need them, but it’s better to be safe then sorry. Because when you’re moving sculptures and antiques you’ll want to be ready.