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    Tips for organizing a housewarming party

    You are probably not the only one who is looking forward to finally get done with relocating to your new house. A long process of packing, transporting items and unpacking is ahead of you and planning how to deal with all those tasks is what causes so much stress. Another great burden is to figure what to do with all of those items that you need to leave behind. You can either throw them, recycle, use donations to declutter, or simply giveaway them. Once everything is done and you’re in the new home, at last, it is time to turn to more fun things, such as organizing a housewarming party. That’s one of the best ways to get to know the neighbors. Moreover, by meeting new people, you are raising your chances of becoming friends with some of them making this relocation a score. Up for a party?

    a house wrapped in a decorative paper
    Throw a party as a reward for moving into a new house

    Party planning

    Surely the first step is planning. Unless you are a wizard and can make everything ready with a whip of a wand, you will need a couple of days to plan everything right. Once experienced movers Ontario have unloaded and helped you unpack the last of your boxes, you can begin with planning the ultimate housewarming party. There are so many things that you should focus on and think through if you mean to successfully pull this off. Some of the most important things that should be thoroughly planned are the following:

    party decoration
    Come up with a fun theme when organizing a housewarming party
    • Coming up with the guest list is the initial step. In order to be able to conduct a complete guest list, you’ll need to know the names of all those people and develop a genuine desire to invite them over. For that to happen, it has to pass a certain amount of time. At least until you get the basic notion of your potential invitees.
    • Pick the right date of the party. We already said that some time needs to pass so that you could get to know the neighbors and people from your workplace, but they also need time to get to know you. So, go steady and use this time to unpack, clean the house and get comfortable in it.
    • When to send invitations to your guests? Some universal rule says that this should happen around 2 weeks prior to the event. That should leave enough time for everyone to get ready, and send you a return response regarding their arrival. Then, you have the freedom to decide what’s the best option for sending invitations.
      finger food
      Food is an important part of every house party
    • Party theme. Now, this one is not completely mandatory. However, when organizing a housewarming party, it is always more fun to stick to a special theme. Think about what could be something that could be interesting for most people. At the end of the day, it is important that people have fun.
    • Decide about food and drinks. One of easiest ways to deal with the food question is to prepare, the so-called finger food. They are easy to make, easy to serve, and the variety of it is just awesome! As for the drinks, make sure to have a little bit of everything. It is just to please everyone’s taste.

    Start preparing the place on time when organizing a housewarming party

    This means that your guests will expect to be hosted in a nice and tidy space. This further means that you should not procrastinate the unpacking task. So, get done with it as soon as possible so that you can move on to other tasks such as decorating the house and everything else we listed above. In case you have used some of the moving boxes Sudbury and you’ve got some those boxes left, perhaps you can use them as game props or instead of table stands. Or you can store some of the valuable and fragile items inside them just until the party is over so that you won’t risk losing or damaging them.

    Make the house look presentable

    Keep in mind that you are the host of this party and that the people you’ve invited would like to see a little bit more of your house. Therefore, organize a tour around the house. Show them around and be a good host. Perhaps you can show them your favorite spot in the house. Moreover, if you have some old photos of your old place and hometown displayed, the party is a great way to tell them more about it. If your house/apartment is not so much big, then there are ways how to use most of the space available. That way nobody would feel cluttered. This will contribute to the overall feeling of coziness and comfort.

    A wonderful option for you, while preparing a housewarming celebration is moving everything to the garden. That will definitely provide you with enough space for everyone who decided to show up. Plus, in case you opted for having some games, your garden or backyard is the perfect place for it.

    people in the backyard
    There is room for everyone in the backyard

    Be presentable

    As much as it is important to make your house look neat and welcoming, it is almost as equally important to get yourself ready for hosting a party. One of the unavoidable steps while organizing a housewarming party is to show yourself in the best light. This means that you need to look good and act according to the situation. Therefore, we suggest you get enough sleep, so that you will be rested and energized. Then, choose some nice clothes, in which you will feel comfortable (of course, tracksuit is out of option this time).

    Keep a good interaction with the guests

    We cannot finish this article without pointing out to the very gist of throwing such an event, and that is getting to know the new neighbors and colleagues, and bonding with them. So, go out there, be among the people. Share stories and positive energy. We are sure that this housewarming party will be a great beginning to your new life in your new house.