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    Tips for organizing your home office

    If you belong to those lucky people who can work from home, you have probably already realized that you need an office space. Here are some tips for organizing your home office.

    Space for your home office

    Some people have a separate room for the office and some of them live in smaller houses or apartments and share that space inside other room. When you have a room designated just for the office, it is easier to manage how you will be organizing your home office.

    First, start by decluttering the room. When you clear it and empty it, you will be able to organize everything the way you like it. Start from the desk and other large furniture. When you organize this, you can continue with smaller items. Make sure that you put your desk near the window so you have more light. However, if you are doing so, keep your monitor or laptop so it doesn’t face the light directly. Choose the interior design style that you like in advance it will help you when you are organizing your home office exactly the way you like.

    Home office with desk in the middle
    When you are organizing your home office, make sure that everything is decluttered and clean.

    If you don’t have a room just for the office, don’t be depressed. There are numerous clever ways when it comes to organizing your home office in a closet, or some small corner, whatever you have on your hands. If you have a small office space, you can always consider renting a storage unit. This is the way to store every document that you do not use on a daily bases, but you can’t throw them away. If you rent storage units Sudbury, you also have to decide on what you will store there. Do not overcrowd the unit; it will be difficult for you to use it later on. Throw everything you are sure you don’t need, right away. If store it and save it, the chances are you probably won’t throw it in the end.

    Organizing your home office in a small spaces

    Separate rooms into different zones. If you don’t have enough place to do this, you can do it visually. It just needs to look like two different spaces for work and everything else.

    A desk can take up a lot of space. If you don’t have enough room for a desk that you would like, you can install a wall mounted desk or a folding desk. This way you will save a lot of space and have a desk at the same time. When you are organizing your home office in a very small space, you have to be inventive. If you have an opportunity, you should rent a business storage unit so it will free some space.

    Storage units that can help when you are organizing your home office.
    If your business requires you to store documents and files, you could rent a storage unit.

    Another idea for a tiny office is to use your closet space. This is excellent because you can close it whenever you are not using your office.  Install some shelves and a larger shelf for a desk and simply arrange everything you need inside the closet. If it is located in your living room, for example, you can close when you are “relaxing at home”. You can put a folding chair inside it as well. There are many different ways to save some space if you are using mostly fitted furniture.

    Keep your space clean and organized at all the time

    When you are working from home, it is easy to get overwhelmed with both work and house chores. Try not to mix your office space and time with the rest of the house. Keep your office space organized and try to put always everything in its place.

    Choose a few things to throw out, the thing you are not using, of course. The important thing when you are organizing your home office is to hide all the cords. This way your office doesn’t look messy. You probably have a lot of them, for computer, printer, scanner or something else. One of the solutions is to pull them through the desk. Use simple plastic hooks to hang the cords under the desk. In addition, you can use decorative cardboard boxes to store smaller office supplies or those cords. It will look nice and it will serve its purpose. Use your space vertical. Install some shelves above the desk. This is a smart way to save up some space when you are organizing your home office.

    Organize your desk

    Plan what you will store in your desk. It should be everything you are using all the time. Assign each drawer for something and one for the miscellaneous items.

    You can use organizers that are hanged on a wall for your mail and bills. Hang a message board so you can use it for different things.

    White board on a yellow wall
    A message board will help you to stay organized and it will remind you of the tasks


    If you are moving and planning to start your own business, you have a chance to plan all this. You can plan how you will organize your office and buy exactly what you need for it.  There are many suitable places in Ontario, for example, where it is good to start your own business. If you are considering relocating to Ontario, you will have many options for a good place for a startup and a place to live that is affordable. Ontario actually has cities that are known for a good business begging.

    Keep your files and paper documents to a minimum

    Well, this is, after all, electronic age. Try to keep up. You will save a lot of space if you keep papers to a minimum. It is so easy to pile up. Only print what you have to. You can store everything else on your computer; just make sure that you are using a backup. You never know what might happen. Also, declutter as often as you can.

    Set up work hours

    If you want to be productive, you have to focus on your work. When you are working from home, you can easily be distracted. So, set up working hours and try to stick to it. You have to avoid your friends while you are working. This does not mean that you can’t take a coffee break, of course. You can use all the benefits of a home office.