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    Tips for organizing your self-storage unit

    Sometimes renting a self-storage unit just may be the best solution for your items. You may use the unit store your belongings during and after the move. If you need a self-storage unit make sure to pick the best solution that suits your needs. If you need a storage solution during your relocation consider hiring best long distance movers Canada. Here are few tips on organizing your self-storage unit in Sudbury.

    Before you start, check in with your movers

    check the documentation
    Before you choose the unit you like, consider checking insurance. Ask your movers for the best option.

    Before you start your search for the best self-storage unit, ask your movers for a referral. Your professional movers may offer storage units Sudbury that are perfect for you. Before you sign the long-term lease, check the facilities yourself. That way you will be able to see what the storage facility has to offer. If you tell your storage professionals what you need they will give you options.

    The size of your unit may be the defying factor when choosing the best solution. Before you choose the unit you like consider checking insurance. With the best insurance policy, you will be sure your items are safe during their long stay in storage. After you pick the size of your self-storage unit and the corresponding insurance policy, you can start organizing your self-storage unit.

    The first step when organizing your unit is very simple. Consider the items you will store inside. Also, make sure you know the final amount of your belongings before you rent a unit. After you measure everything consider putting shelves inside your self-storage unit. With shelves, you will gain space when organizing your self-storage unit.

    Proper packing will make your items more secure

    When packing items for your self-storage unit, make sure you get all the packing supplies before you start.

    When you start organizing your self-storage unit, make a plan for packing. If you have bulky and big items for your unit, make sure you take apart what you can. Big furniture pieces may take up a lot of space. That is why you should consider disassembling all the removable parts. Also, when you do take apart what you can secure those parts or pack them into boxes. Professional movers recommend that you put big and bulky furniture pieces against the wall to save as much space as you can.

    When packing items for your self-storage unit, make sure you get all the packing supplies before you start. Along with all the moving boxes in various sizes, you should get some plastic bins and duct tape. On the other hand, it is very important you label all the boxes in your storage unit. If you don’t you may be confused when you want to find something so you have to search through and open most of the boxes. Bubble wrap paper will help you secure your fragile items for storage.

    The rule for packing is simple. In big boxes, you should pack items that are not that heavy. You should be able to find anything at any time. That is why you should label all the boxes. Keep in mind that the weight of each box is the thing to consider. The weight of the box can crush or damage to the box beneath. That is why you should have a plan before you stack boxes on top of each other.

    Should you do inventory when you use a self-storage unit?

    the plan
    Making the inventory list and the plan of your storage will save you time afterward.

    The most important thing when you use the self-storage unit is that you know where everything is. That is why it is important to make an inventory list of your items. If you don’t have a list of all the items that your boxes contain you may have a treasure hunt before you find anything. That is why professionals advise that you create a list of all of your items. Also, it is very useful to have a map of where everything is. That may take time in the beginning. On the other hand, your map and the inventory list will save you a lot of time in the future.  When you make a map of your belongings, make sure you put it inside your unit so it is visible at all times.

    Most people use a self-storage unit frequently. When organizing your self-storage unit make sure to keep your items accessible. After you make a plan and use heavy items and heavy boxes to create a base, try stacking the boxes and make an aisle. That way you will maintain access to your Sunbury unit. If you do that you will be able to access a box without moving it or reorganizing everything. All of the items you may need frequently you can put at the front. That way you can access it with ease.

    Organize your unit like a pro

    It is not hard organizing your storage unit. First of all, make sure you get all the packing supplies before you start the process. Getting good quality boxes and other packing materials can save you a lot of work. If you are on a budget finding cheap packing supplies in Ontario can be a good money-saving strategy. When organizing your self-storage unit in Sudbury, make sure you follow all the steps:

    • Make a floor plan for your unit
    • Use same size boxes
    • Label all the boxes
    • Disassemble furniture and everything else you can
    • Keep an aisle open for easy access
    • Wrap all the fragile items
    • Create an inventory list and a map so you can find everything at any time
    • Keep important things in front for easy access
    • Put the map of where everything is and the inventory list, in a visible spot

    How to save space when organizing your self-storage unit tips

    You can save space easily when organizing your self-storage unit. Using shelves can save you a lot of space. Here are few tips to make shelves by yourself if you don’t know how. Another way to save space inside your storage unit is to be creative. You can put small boxes or other smaller items inside your bigger items like drawers or even a refrigerator. If you do pack items inside your refrigerator make sure you leave the door open a bit to prevent mold.