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    Tips for packing your wardrobe

    Packing your wardrobe for a move is a chore that everyone can do. However, your skill at it is something that is going to make a difference between you and a random person. A person on your left, for example, may spend more on packing the wardrobe than you. Similarly, a person on your right may spend less… Less time, less effort, less money, and nerves. So, in order to always be the person on the right, you should make sure to learn the tricks of the trade before packing your wardrobe. This is why we are here for you. The aim of this article is to help you discover what you need to pay attention to when packing your wardrobe before you get it underway. It should help you minimize your effort while maximizing your efficiency.

    Packing your wardrobe – what you need to know

    When it comes to packing your wardrobe, you should make sure to approach it with decisiveness and no remorse. People find it very difficult to let go of their clothing items. This is somewhat strange since there are plenty of items of clothing that they are still saving, but will probably never wear them again for one of the two reasons:

    • You will not be able to fit in them ever again or
    • If you have not worn some of your items for ages, what makes you think that you would go back to them in the future?

    Declutter your wardrobe before packing it

    Just go for it. Create two piles of your items. One should contain the items that are going to fill someone else’s wardrobe. Another pile should contain the clothes that you are going to take with you. And don’t forget. Do not throw the clothes into the garbage.

    Declutter before packing your wardrobe
    You need to declutter before moving

    There are many people in your city, no matter where you are from, that could use some help. The least that we can do is to provide them with items that we are not going to need in the future, but that they could use every day. Therefore, you should donate the discard pile to charity. No matter whether you are moving long distance or locally, make sure to leave them in the town that you are leaving. Give back to the community. Once done with it, you will be left with much more space in your wardrobe and much fewer items to move.

    Invest in the moving material

    Moving and packing materials play an important role in packing your wardrobe. Most importantly, moving boxes will help you in two ways:

    • It will be easier to sort your items.
    • Moving boxes will protect your clothing.

    Therefore, make sure to have adequate packing options for your clothes. Expert moving boxes Sudbury are probably the best way to make sure that nothing happens to your items when the moving time comes.

    Moving items on hangers

    One of the ways for packing your wardrobe is to leave your items on hangers and transport them that way.

    Suits hanging in a wardrobe
    You can transport clothing on hangers as well

    In order to protect your clothing while they are on hangers, you are going to need clothes protector bags. Obviously, clothes protector bags are not going to be as quality protection as moving bags. Still, they do allow for suits transportation without wrinkling and folding them. However, should you decide to store some of your items in the best storage Sudbury offers, storing them on hangers will not be the smartest option. Moving boxes should be your top choice in this case. Therefore, think twice about your moving plan.

    Use your luggage

    Depending on how many items and suitcases you have, you can choose to put some of your clothing in them when moving locally. Imagine if you were going on holiday. Only this time, you do not need to worry whether your items will need ironing once you arrive at your destination. Today, it is all about you moving and not much about keeping your items nice and tidy.

    Space bags are your best friend when packing your wardrobe

    Space bags! These should be your basic moving resources!

    Closed filled with items of clothing
    All of the items of clothing here in the picture can be packed in space bags

    Before you even think about entering your closet and starting packing it, make sure to find out where you can get space bags. Sort out your items according to whether you are going to keep them for yourself or donate them. Then, try to figure out how much items you will need to take with you and how many space bags you are going to need to pack them all. You should buy as many space bags as you may need. They are so useful that you will be able to save more than a third of your closet space if you decide to implement them in your everyday life.

    Move your wardrobe without taking your items out of it

    The last suggestion that we would like to give you is to check with your movers if they would move your drawers without you taking your items out of them.

    This is something that people do and some moving companies are fine with it. Others, not so much. The reason for it is because drawers are heavy even empty. Moving them filled with clothes is pretty difficult. Therefore, do not be surprised if your preferred movers are not up for it. Alternatively, they may raise the price because of it. So, if this is an option that you would like to explore, make sure to let them know when they come to visit you for a free assessment.

    Moving drawers filled with clothes and other items will require you to wrap drawers in plastic foil. If you are the one who is going to pack your items, then this task will be up to you. If packing your wardrobe will be done by your movers, then there is nothing to worry about. Just relax and let the professionals do their job.