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    Tips for storing away Christmas decorations

    Christmas is over, and you are left with a lot of stuff that you no longer need. And one question that comes to mind is what is the proper way of storing away Christmas decorations. Many people like to hold on to them for sentimental or practical reasons. They might be a gift from a loved one. Or a limited edition Christmas decoration. But, the problem is that they are often made of glass. And very fragile. And you need to pay special attention when packing and storing them. Here are a few tips that will help you preserve some of the holiday spirits for the next year.

    Storing away Christmas decorations takes patience

    You have to prepare yourself. Storing away Christmas decorations cannot be rushed. You have to be careful when handling them since they are fragile. Most decorations are made from glass or other very fragile materials. And they are usually covered in glitter. Even if you don’t break them you will still need to preserve their glow. So, arm yourself with time and patience and remember to be careful.

    Silver Christmas ornaments with lights
    Properly packing and storing away Christmas decorations takes time and patience

    Decide where to store your Christmas decorations

    The first thing that you need to think about is the location for storing away Christmas decorations. Many of your packing decisions will depend on it. You can store them in your home. That’s a good solution since they will be nearby when you need them the next year. But, that also poses a threat to their safety. Not only will they be taking valuable space, but they will also be in danger of falling down and breaking. Again, remember, they are very fragile. Even if they don’t break, constant moving around can cause the glitter to come off of them. And they will lose their shine.

    Another option is storage units Ontario. Even if you don’t currently have one, it’s a good idea to at least consider it. They are a great place to store all the items you don’t need. And free up some valuable space in your home. In a storage unit, they will be safe from falling down and moving around.

    How to pack your Christmas decorations

    There are many great and creative ways for packing and storing away Christmas decorations. And they range from expensive ones to DIY solutions that your budget is more comfortable with. If you have really expensive and rare ornaments you should definitely consider custom made boxes. As well as some extra protection for them. But, if they are not that expensive you can go with a lot of doing it yourself solutions for storing and protecting them.

    Christmas decorations in a box
    Christmas decorations and ornaments are fragile. And you should pay attention to how you pack and store them.

    A lot of tips for packing and storing Christmas decorations can be used when moving them. They will be protected and well packed. So when you call local movers Ontario all you will have to do is load them. There will be no additional work on your part to pack and preserve them.

    Beware of the glitter

    Whenever you are handling something covered in glitter you should be ready for a large mess. Once you start taking down your decorations and packing them glitter will start to fall off. So, prepare yourself for a season of cleaning after you are done.

    Use transparent plastic resealable bags

    One of the best options for packing and storing away Christmas decorations is to use regular plastic bags. If you have resealable bags it’s even better. They should definitely be transparent though. That way you will have a great insight into what is in the bag. You can separate your ornaments by color or shape. And you will easily be able to spot the ones that you need once the next Christmas arrives.

    A single ornament
    You can pack many cheaper ornaments into a single bag. For more valuable ones pack one per bag.

    For cheaper decorations, you can put many of them in a single bag. Since you won’t be worrying too much about them breaking. But, for more valuable ones you should get smaller bags. And use just one beg per ornament. That will preserve them better.

    Plastic bags are also a great way to contain the glitter. No matter where you decide to store them, you wouldn’t want to have glitter all over the place.

    Use egg cartons for smaller ornaments

    A great way to preserve smaller ornaments is to use egg cartons. They are specially designed to preserve eggs which are way more fragile than your ornaments. You can put all your smaller ornaments into separate compartments and not worry about them breaking.

    Eggs in an egg carton
    Egg cartons are an easy and effective way to pack Christmas ornaments without spending much money.

    Plastic air wrap is your best friend

    Whenever you need to protect something fragile you should use plastic air wrap. Especially when storing away Christmas decorations that are fragile and easily breakable. Once you put your ornaments into a plastic bag give them good wrap. Depending on the quality of the air wrap you can do two or three layers of plastic air wrap.

    Use shrink wrap for your tree

    If you have a plastic Christmas tree and you want to store it away, it’s best to use shrink wrap. Not only will shrink wrap give it good protection, but it will also make it much smaller. You will then be able to store it either at home or in a storage unit. That way you will get the most out of your space. And your tree will be ready for use the next year.

    Christmas lights

    Christmas lights look great. But if you didn’t store them properly last year you know how much time it takes to untangle them. So, to avoid that next year pack them properly now. The best way to keep them from getting tangled it to wrap them around something. If they didn’t come with their own wheel to wrap around you can use cardboard. Cut a piece of cardboard and wrap the whole line around it. Tape the first and last part so the won’t get loose and tangle. Once you store them they will be safe. And using them next year will just be the matter of getting them out of the box.