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    Tips to make your apartment eco-friendlier

    Most of the living spaces have been built in an age long past where neither environment or costs were things to be concerned about. In today’s world, we want to preserve the environment that we live in and to cut our living costs. There is a way that you can kill two birds with one stone and it is to make your apartment eco-friendlier. One common mistake that people make is they think that they need to invest money to do so, while the opposite is true. You don’t need to invest money to do so, you just have to pay attention to things that are actively wasting resources. If you don’t have a place to keep your things you can use recyclable moving boxes Sudbury to keep them.

    Make your apartment eco-friendlier by getting the right frame of mind

    There isn’t one exact way to make your apartment eco-friendlier as each living space is different and unique. But what you can do is get into the right frame of mind and start looking for ways to improve. We have prepared a list of tips that will guide you to get to that frame of mind. Once you are aware of what hurts the environment and what raises your costs, you can go around your apartment and take notice of things you need to improve. There are certain things that won’t be on our list, but you will know to recognize them and fix them in no time.

    Find those big electricity spenders around the house

    You can’t deny that we are absolutely dependant on electricity. We are at a peak of our usage of electricity, and we use it for absolutely everything in our home. And each year we get more things that consume even more electric energy. So this causes two things, one is that globally we need more electricity. If you need more electricity it means that you need to produce more, and the production is polluting the environment. Secondly, with our ever-increasing consumption of electricity come higher electricity bills. So it is paramount to make your apartment eco-friendlier by conserving electric energy in any way you can. First of all, make a note of all of your electronic devices around the house.

    Living room, bedroom, and working room

    Most of the electronic devices that we keep are in these three rooms. It’s things like TVs, smartphones, computers, gaming and entertainment systems and such. All of them need electricity to work, and they all have some type of charger or power adapter. If you didn’t know, the manufacturers put in a feature in those charging devices that make them constantly suck power. Even when the devices they power are shown to be on standby, chargers keep working. It’s why they are called “vampire” devices because they constantly drain the electricity and suck the money right out of your pocket.

    Make your apartment eco-friendlier by conserving electricity
    Put the chargers behind a power strip

    You can fix this issue easily by getting a power strip. Just make sure all “vampire devices” are connected to the power strip. Once you leave your apartment just turn off the power strip. If that is too inconvenient for you, get a smart power strip that shuts the power off automatically, when it recognizes that they are not in use.


    Make your apartment eco-friendlier by taking care of the kitchen too. Did you know that almost a quarter of your overall electricity use comes from the refrigerator alone? So it is wise to make sure that it is running efficiently and properly.

    Your refrigerator works best when it is full as it uses less electricity to keep things cool. Same goes with the freezer. You don’t really have to buy groceries to make your fridge more energy efficient. Just get some water bottles or packs of ice in it to fill the empty space. The cold from those things will help refrigerator work more efficiently. Also, make sure that you don’t keep the door open for too long as the cold air will come out.

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    Keep the temperature the way you want it

    Another way that we use a lot of electricity is by heating or cooling our living space. The most common reason why our heating or cooling isn’t working as we would like is that something is blocking the air vents. So you should take stock of your furniture and where it is placed. It might be blocking the air flow, or blocking the vent making your A/C and furnace work harder. Find a place for your furniture that promotes airflow and you’ll allow the heating and cooling system to work better. Working better means using less energy and saving you money.

    Another way to make your apartment eco-friendlier while taking care of temperature is programming your thermostat. By setting thermostat you can optimize the way you heat or cool your living space. If you are not at home you don’t need the A/C or heating working non-stop. It’s enough that you set it to turn shortly after you leave, and then to turn on back again half an hour or an hour before you come back. This can drastically change the amount of energy you use, meanwhile, you won’t notice much of a difference in temperature.

    Your apartament doesn't need to be heated while you are out
    Set the thermostat so you don’t waste energy while you are out of your home

    Save water by using it smarter

    A lot of times you use more water than you actually need to get something clean. So try and be more conscientious about using it and you will see improvements quickly.

    Instead of rinsing dishes under running water before putting them in the dishwasher scrape the scraps off into the trash or compost. If your dishwasher has one, use the auto or power-saving setting to save water and electricity, and let your dishes air dry rather than using the power to heat dry.

    Similar to the kitchen, the easiest way to save resources and money in the bathroom is to be more conscious about your water usage. Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth and be aware of how long you take in the shower. Each minute in the shower uses an average of 2.1 gallons of water, so if you tend to take long showers you can cut it down a few minutes and save at least 5 gallons of water per shower.

    Don't waste any water, be sure to turn it off while you don't need it
    Be conscientious about wasting water

    Also, keep in mind that because you’re renting you have property maintenance there to help. If any of your faucets leak or if your toilet runs alert your property’s management so someone can come and get it taken care of right away.

    If you need to know how to keep your moving eco-friendly head out to the list of tips we have prepared for you.