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    Top Canada cities for startups

    Canada is a stable country with higher than average GDP, excellent healthcare and great people. Apart from all this, it’s also a land of plenty! Canda has 9% of all the world’s forests as well as natural resources such as zinc, nickel, gold, steel, iron, and lead. Being the world’s foremost exporter of these resources, Canda has excellent trading options all over the world which resulted in the country becoming the tenth largest economy in the world in 2016.  Because of all this, there are a lot of opportunities in this country, especially in these top Canada cities for startups.

    What are the top Canada cities for startups?

    From big to small and from the east to the west coast, Canada has some technologically fertile cities which make the best places for startups. Even though they may not be as famous as the Silicon Valley or New York, these cities have been ranked among the best in the world. Launching a startup isn’t easy, so you might want to launch it somewhere where you have a good chance to succeed, be it your mom’s garage or some of the most amazing cities in the world.


    toronto is one of the top canada cities for startups
    Excellent opportunities and a great economy make Toronto fertile for startups

    Considered by many relevant authorities as the “new Silicon Valley” this city’s economic growth only helped its already fertile ground for startups. And, being the biggest city in the most populous region of Canada also has its perks, as well. It means that Toronto is backed by the federal government for research that will help improve the city’s community for startups. If all this wasn’t enough, this city has a proud tradition of successful companies such as Spotify, KIK, Wattpad, and FreshBooks. Well, this is enough reason to consider moving to Ontario and staring your own company!


    It was proclaimed the best city for startups in the world by the People Per Hour website 2017. This city really has it all: beautiful countryside, good average income, and, it’s one of the top Canada cities for startups. As well as Toronto, Vancouver has many already prestigious startups, some of which are worth over 1 billion dollars. However, this city has something it’s techy counterpart doesn’t – it’s on the west coast. Vancouver’s access to the Pacific Ocean makes it the best city for staring a company in Canada. It makes the city more open to people, cultures, and startups. Vancouver already has a tradition of successful startups such as Wishpond, unbounce and HootSuite


    4 people's fists bumping
    In Montreal, it’s much easier to partner up with someone and launch a startup together

    With one of the best economies in Canada, Montreal was rated in the top 20 cities for startups in the world. This city has a strong community which helps the growth of startups. With events such as StartupFest, enabling NGOs and local donations, Montreal has a  fertile ground to start a company. Montreal also has good competition and strong universities, so you can hon your ideas or partner up with someone. What more can you wish for?


    edmonton skyline under a baleful sky
    Edmonton may give you that head start for a startup

    This city is leading the country’s oil, gas, technology, media, and biotechnology industries. It is also in the lead when it comes to diamond mining in Northern Alberta. If you’re moving to this prosperous city, contact us to help. Many factors influence this:

    • excellent median income
    • high life standards
    • low crime rates
    • excellent infrastructure
    • a strong economy makes this one of the top Canada cities for startups

    Even though the weather may be a problem for some (the winters can get cold that far north), this city offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurship and should definitely be mentioned in this list.


    In spite of being much smaller than the other cities we mentioned, Waterloo has one of the best ecosystems in the country. What’s really interesting or peculiar is that this city has the world’s densest concentration of startups outside Silicon Valley. There are 1000 startups and 100.000 in Waterloo. Which makes the average of 1 startup per 100 citizens.

    It is a bit out of the way, so you might need long distance movers Ontario to get there. However, it is worth it! You’ll get the same big city opportunities in a small city environment. That’s the best of both worlds when it comes to startups.

    Quebec City

    Quebec has about 300 startups active right now. In spite of this, we still should mention it in this list. Because, even though the number of active startups is not that high, it’s constantly growing. And the fact that Quebec City isn’t as hot for startups right now doesn’t mean it won’t get there soon. Experts predict Quebec City in the top 20 cities for startup next year. You might as well get there before everyone else, which is one of the principals for startups anyway, right? So, hire reliable movers Ontario and get on it!

    a person planning their business
    Make sure you have a good plan for your startup


    Last, but by no means least, we have this Ontario city. Even though it may not be the most startup-savy place in the country it’s a growing city. And where there’s economic growth there are opportunities for starting your company. Where there’s growth, there are demand and opportunities. Moving to Sudbury might not be the best when starting a company. However, when we consider the living conditions and the real estate prices, it evens out. This is why consider this city one of the top Canada cities for startups.

    Even though it sometimes may seem that the only successful startups are in New York or California, we assure you it isn’t so. These top Canada cities for startups are as good as those and even sometimes better. If you consider the conditions in which you’ll create your company, you’ll see the advantage. Good, normal-paced cities where the “startup ground” is just being broken. This is why relocating to Canada and starting a company may not be a bad idea.