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    Top cities for families in Ontario

    Ontario is the most populous and the second largest province in Canada. It’s home to almost 14 million people and the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. Ontario has seen some very big advancements in the last decade and is definitely the most financially stable of all the Canadian provinces. So, as far as good places for kids go, this province has a ton of them. Check out the list of the best cities for families in Ontario and maybe you’ll find your next family moving destination.

    a happy family of three
    Not all places are good for raising a family

    What we took into account

    There are several things that make a place one of the best cities for families in Ontario. In our search, we took a look at these key factors and made a list regarding them. Taste is subjective, and not every city on the list will fit everyone. Even though this is the case, you’ll still find a place on our list which will be perfect for you! So, before you call one of the moving companies Ontario let’s take a look at the factors we considered to show a child-friendly city.

    Average age

    A good indicator of whether a place is child-friendly or not is usually the number of other children there. The cities on our list have a young population.

    A low average age means a place is good for children

    Crime rate

    A city with a high crime rate usually isn’t a good place to raise kids. Also, places which have a high number of domestic disturbance reports and family violence were scratched off the list. Apart from this, we considered the overall youth crime rate of the cities. We obviously don’t want the ones where youth crime rates were high. It’s not good to have your child exposed to peers with criminal activity. Lastly, towns in which children are more likely to fall victim to a crime also fall off the list.

    The general cost of living

    Many places have high salaries or cheap food, but this doesn’t mean that they are kid-friendly. We can all say that providing good conditions for our children is the number one priority. We discounted places where the basic needs were expensive. Places with a high cost of food, diapers and baby supplies are not the top cities for families in Ontario. 

    What we also took into account was the salary to costs of living ratio. As such, the places with the best score are the ones with a good median income and low taxes, prices and rent.

    Places for children to spend time

    Unsurprisingly, cities with a higher number of daycares, parks, and libraries are much better for families. Also, any place where a child can spend time in a good and active environment got on our list. So, towns with good after-school activities for children (book clubs, sports, dance clubs, language schools) scored higher on our list. Apart from this, we took into account access to facilities such as museums and universities. Also, if a place is 8 hours away from the first zoo or amusement park, it’s bad for kids. Lastly, places which you can easily move to and which provide the best storage units in Ontario, in case you need them

    Other indicators of a community well-suited for kids are:

    • Transit – with children in tow it’s tough to make it everywhere in time
    • Education – places with bad or expensive education aren’t the best cities for families in Ontario
    • Youth centers – a large number of youth centers means an environment-friendly for families
    • Youth NGOs – pretty much the same as above. these places give children a constructive and active way to spend time
    • Maternity leave – places with high maternity leave and benefits are better for families (especially starting a one)
    • Mom-groups – towns with a lot of mom groups have a strong community supportive of children and families

    The top cities for families in Ontario


    With a population of about 160 thousand, this town is a headquarters of General Motors Canada. Apart from its strong economy, it offers a good environment for raising children.


    the world's largest nickel
    Greater Sudbury has the world’s largest nickel

    Only slightly bugger than Oshawa, Greater Sudbury has a great education which is perfect for raising children. The town has many sights and will not be boring to any child, young or old. Apart from this, it has a good income to rent ratio.


    A lot bigger than the two first cities on the list, Hamilton is one of the best cities for families in Ontario. It’s full of young people and has excellent extra-curricular activities for children of all ages. This city has excellent transportation options and excellent roads which make the transit with kids easier.


    Toronto is one of the best cities for families in Ontario
    Best cities for families in Ontario: Toronto

    What to say about the capital of Ontario but that it’s child-friendly. Apart from being one of the best cities for families in Ontario, it’s also a metropolis. In some aspects, it rivals even the nation’s capital when it comes to raising a family.


    With almost 25 percent of the population younger than 18, the capital of Canada may be the best place to raise a family. It offers excellent opportunities for both parents and children. Apart from this, it has the lowest violent crime rate in the country. As the capital of the country, it is mostly superior to other cities when it comes to libraries, science museums, and other child-friendly places. Ottawa also has a good income to rent ratio and the taxes aren’t the highest in the country.

    view of the Ottawa river
    Ottawa’s conditions make it perfect for kids

    Moving to Ontario

    Moving to one of these places is not so hard. Wherever you’re from, you can call your local or international movers Canada and ask about relocating to one of these best cities for families in Ontario. Start a new life in a place perfect for you and your youngsters!