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    Top cities in Canada for expats

    One thing is certain – Canada has always been and still use a beautiful country to live in. So for you to move there can be a life-changing experience. It is a source of great natural beauty and countryside, with all the modern commodities of the Western world. And the best thing is that they welcome immigrants from all over the world. The United Nations frequently rank Canada as #1 in their annual Human Development Index. This index considers factors such as job opportunities, quality of schooling, life expectancy and cost of living. So if this sounds enticing enough for your needs, no time like the present to hire a professional moving company and start planning your relocation. But before you do, you might want to check out the top cities in Canada for expats.

    Which of the top cities in Canada for expats is best suited for your needs? Learn right here.
    Learn about the top cities in Canada for expats before relocation.

    The appeal of Canada for expats

    The strong economy Canada has enables them to accept more immigrants from around the world than any other western nation (per capita). And for people from the US and UK, the legal requirements for living in Canada and gaining acceptance are relatively straightforward.

    Many expats find that the cost of living in Canada is much lower in comparison to their native country. The housing costs are much cheaper when you compare them with other countries. So people who relocate to Canada looking to purchase property will find that they can get more for their money here. Hence, before you go out and find the ideal international movers, here are the top cities in Canada for expats.

    Top Cities in Canada for Expats

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Slow and steady, Halifax has become the third most affordable housing market in Canada. In addition to that, the capital city of Nova Scotia has been adding jobs at a steady pace. So it is definitely an option worth considering when it comes to relocation.

    Halifax has the third most affordable housing when it comes to top cities in Canada for expats.
    Halifax is the best of both worlds – metropolis with a small and friendly community.

    Halifax itself is what you might call Toronto 2.0 – it has all the big city charms with none of the disadvantages. The city itself has achieved a lot during the previous couple of years:

    • major population boom
    • strong economic growth
    • development of entrepreneurial activity
    • affordable housing increase

    When it comes to the infrastructure, Halifax has been expanding like never before. Within a course of 7 years, the annual building permits count has gone up from 96 to 1,040 residential units. And the population itself has expanded significantly, beating Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto back in 2016.

    Saint John, New Brunswick

    The city is home to an “uptown” core, where historic buildings dot the banks of the St. John River and the Saint John Harbor. A city of neighborhoods, citizens enjoy a unique quality of life with an abundance of housing options. Also, a thriving arts and cultural community and easy access to a variety of exceptional recreational facilities and green spaces. And if you are wondering what to do in St. John in terms of work, here are the prosperous industries:

    • Brewing
    • Electricity generation
    • Transport / distribution
    • Call centers
    • Largest oil refinery in the country

    The oldest incorporated city in Canada is middle of the pack when it comes to the job market, but it’s the most affordable city in Canada in which to buy a home. Its small labor market (it has a total of 67,000 jobs) makes it less likely you’ll find work there, but if you do, you’ll be able to afford a lot of house.

    Ottawa, Ontario

    When it comes to top cities in Canada for expats, what more do you need than a city with the highest average income in the country.
    Canada’s highest average income city is often underestimated by both Canadians and expats.

    The backbone of Ottawa’s work force is government and tech jobs, and both have been blooming recently. Ottawa grew its job availability rates by an impressive 2.9% in the past year alone. Housing prices are least affordable in comparison to other top cities in Canada for expats, but the city has the country’s highest average income. That alone should give you ample reason to start planning your Ontario relocation.

    Both expats and Canadians tend to underestimate the overall strength of Ottawa as a city. Most only see it as a government town, failing to recognize it’s also home to one of the most respected tech hubs in Canada. The city employs 72,000 in the tech sector alone, led by companies like Shopify and QNX. Combine that with stable and well-paying government jobs and you have a level of economic diversity that is the envy of Canada.

    Quebec City, Quebec

    Have you considered learning a new language recently – how about French? Then nothing will stop you from moving to the lovely party that is Quebec City. And what a party it is: The city is growing jobs three times as quickly as it’s growing its population. Plus, the unemployment rate is a very low 4.3%. Despite all this, house prices aren’t rising one bit.

    With its blend of history, modernity, culture and nature, Quebec City is a reflection of the people who live here. The environment is innovative and dynamic, yet safe, hospitable and lively. The city has a well-established economy and can offer a very high-quality lifestyle. Add to that the on-going parade of festivals and other major public events and what more do you need?

    More than just a vibrant urban center, Quebec City is a place where all family members can find fulfilling roles to play. Leaving your homeland for a new country is a difficult and life-changing decision—so choosing a healthy and safe place to live where everyone has a chance to grow is a priority.

    Regina, Saskatchewan

    Similar to Ottawa and Quebec City, Regina is yet another government town to make this list of top cities for expats. In spite of the most recent oil price decline, the city is recovering steadily. In fact, the employment rate has increased for 1.8% last year alone, faster than population growth. And when you compare incomes, you find that it is the third most affordable city in Canada.

    Regina claims the status of the third most affordable city in Canada.
    Family-friendly and rich in community and economic pride, Regina can easily compete with Ottawa and Quebec City.

    This welcoming prairie city is the perfect place to call home, which is why it is one of the top cities in Canada for expats. Not only is it suitable to move here for work, but your family will also enjoy the relocation, since the city offers:

    • an abundance of parks
    • plethora of sports and recreational facilities
    • miles of bicycle tracks
    • family attractions
    • an exceptional quality of life

    Regina is known for its generous, friendly people and rich community pride, fueled by the “I Love Regina” campaign.

    Expat job & career opportunities in top cities in Canada for expats

    The Canadian government has demonstrated a willingness to employ foreign workers and have historically been quick to recognize that skilled immigrants are important to the growth of the Canadian economy.

    There tends to be a good availability of office jobs for expats who move to Canada. In the past Canada has suffered from a deficit of skilled engineering candidates. And for this reason expats who work in the field of project management, process and engineering are in higher demand.

    The unemployment rate in Canada, as of September 2009, was 8.4%. Presently, the country is experiencing a shortage in positions for students but rises are being observed in the retail and wholesale trade sectors. It is also worth noting that some expats are legally able to work in Canada even without a work permit. The Government of Canada website also provides useful information on moving to Canada as a foreign worker.