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    Top garden renovation ideas for spring

    Spring is finally here! With it come longer days, warmer temperatures and colorful flowers. It’s time to get out of the house, soak up some sun and enjoy nature as it wakes up from its winter slumber. Spring may even make you forget why weather is one of the main reasons people leave Canada! What better season for garden renovation is there? That’s right – none! Right now is the perfect time to make your garden into a magnificent spot straight out of a fairytale. And this spring we have a few garden renovation ideas just for you!

    Prepare for spring garden renovation

    Spring is a time for new beginnings. And no, we’re not just talking about the flower blossoms shyly peeking out from still bare branches! This is the time when houses are flying off the market and moving companies Ontario are the busiest too. It’s a popular season for moving. If you’re among the many relocating this spring, take this opportunity to freshen up your new home with a fully renovated garden too! And just like relocation, renovation requires planning too. So let’s get down to it!

    Take stock of your plants and furniture

    Before you start your renovations, you should know what you’re working with. Make a list of plants (potted or not) that you have and plan on keeping in your garden as well as any furniture you’ll keep outside. If you’re renovating after a move, you can use the inventory list long distance moving companies Canada make for you as their client. Or you can always just make your own! Note the condition of each item you write down in case something needs to be replaced.

    Outdoor seating area.
    Make a list of the plants and furniture you’re working with.

    Plan your garden renovation

    Once you have a good grasp on what you’re working with, it’s time to decide what to do with it. Sketch out your garden and house. Where are the fences and the pathways? Which parts are paved? Mark these and any trees or plants that already exist first! Then make a list of plants, decorations, and furniture you want to put in the garden and start fitting them in on paper first. Start planting only once you’re happy with how it all looks in theory!

    Check the recommended planting time for each flower you want and plan your planting accordingly. And don’t forget to look at a weather forecastyou don’t want your flowers to freeze before they ever get to bloom!

    Pick a theme

    Randomly putting a few plants into the ground won’t make a garden! Try picking a theme instead. Arrange flowers by season or color, by smell or by size. Or do something uniquely you – plant flowers that remind you of something or have a special meaning to you and your family! Either way, try to have a specific style in mind for your garden renovation.

    Adjust your garden renovation to the space you have

    Sometimes our ideas are bigger than our possibilities. But plants need space to grow and piling too many is not going to make that happen. So be realistic and adjust your plans to the space you really have. You may not be able to plant everything you wanted, but what you do plant will be healthier and more beautiful!

    Garden renovation ideas for spring

    Whether you’ve just moved your garden along with you and need to replant or you simply want to freshen up your back yard, renovations are a good idea every once in a while. And here are some ideas for what you can do this spring!

    Pave smart

    Paving is a great way to create strong, artistic lines. The contrast between smooth concrete or stone and soft grass and flowers can be very visually impactful. You can use the color of the paving to set the tone for the whole garden. Not to mention, paving can also designate an area for outdoor seating or a path through the garden in a practical way.

    Color-coordinated garden renovation

    One of the most visually stunning ways to organize your garden is through color coordination. You can use flowers of similar shades that bloom at similar times almost like paints on a canvas. By planting them in a specific pattern, you can create almost any kind of image from a simple ombre to blocks or stripes to an intricate design like a heart, a flag or a flower!

    Recycling and upcycling

    Planting pots are not the only way to grow plants! You can upcycle old pots and pans to grow your spices in. Or use a chair seat filled with soil as a pot. Get creative with other tools you no longer need too! Chandeliers and lamps can make great hanging pots and a wobbly ladder can turn into a tiered planter without much effort.

    Flowers in a garden.
    Recycle in creative ways!

    Let there be light!

    Strategic lighting is an easy way to create an atmosphere. If you plan on enjoying your garden after sundown, investing in lights you like is a good idea! String lights and fairy lights will give your yard a whimsical, magical feel while lanterns can create a romantic rustic atmosphere. Many modern LED lights are adjustable and come in a wide variety of designs so you can use them for different effects depending on your mood.

    Fairy lights in a tree.
    Use light to create a specific atmosphere.

    Let there also be shade!

    And if you plan on spending your days outside, more shade is always a good option. That way you can take a break from sunbathing and cool down a little. If you can’t wait for a tree to grow, use patio umbrellas, pergolas, gazebos, curtains or sun sails depending on the size and look of your garden!

    Create outdoor living spaces

    The main thing to remember is that you are creating a space to spend time in. Your garden is a room without walls, just as much a part of your home as your bedroom or kitchen! So dedicate as much time and effort to garden renovation as you would to any part of the house. Design a space you will want to be in, somewhere to dring your morning coffee or read your favorite book or meditate or play with your children. Always think of ways to make it cozy, inviting and above all functional for your needs!