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    Top job opportunities in Northern Ontario

    So you’ve moved to Ontario! As far as places to live go, Ontario is right there on the top of the list. Good weather, perfect health care, and nice people. What more can a person wish for?! How about one of the best job markets in the country? Cause, that’s the case with this province. Not only does Ontario provide good employment opportunities, but also offers a wide variety of jobs for people with different educational levels and backgrounds. In order to give you an idea of what we mean, we made a list of top job opportunities in Northern Ontario for anyone.

    Ontario is the second largest and the most populous area in Canada. As well as the nation’s capital Ottawa, this province is home to Canada’s most populous city – Toronto. Ontario is divided into the Northern and Southern part, and in this article, we will talk about the larger one – Northern Ontario. This region has been a “periphery” and a provider of resources and materials to other parts of Canada and the world. Lately, however, Northern Ontario has been growing and improving which brought more opportunities for employment.

    Best cities  and towns in Nothern Ontario

    As with all of the states or provinces, there are larger, noisier cities and smaller quieter towns. We made a list of the ones with the best employment options.


    This is a city with around 160 thousand residents. It’s fairly large and provides opportunities in many fields. Apart from job hunting, you might consider moving to Sudbury if you like art and culture. Here you can enjoy the best that the Canadians can offer in the cinema or the theatre. This fair city is also the top tourist attraction in the northern part of Ontario. This means that you can enjoy some cool sightseeing while looking for work. And since it is a tourist attraction is offers some of the best job opportunities in Northern Ontario.

    a giant nickel in Sudbury Canada
    Sudbury is an interesting place to live in

    Thunder Bay

    The population of Thunder Bay is around 108 thousand people. This city boasts a long and rich history as a port and a fort. Apart from the multitude of jobs available on the docks, Thunder Bay has also experienced a growth spurt recently and offers employment opportunities in many fields. Being a medium-sized city and port it also offers many options for travel. If you prefer a quiet place to live, it’s a perfect place to enjoy your peace if you’re moving long distance to Sudbury.

    West Nipissing

    If you prefer a smaller environment, this town of barely 15 thousand people is the place for you. Even though it is rather young (established in 1999.) it still has a lot of nice job opportunities, especially for the younger population. It consists of Sturgeon Falls, in the center, Field (north of the falls) and Verner (west of the Falls). Since Verner is a French Speaking community you can brush up on your language skills.

    Fort Frances

    This town is the seat of the Rainy River District in Northwestern Ontario. With a population of only about 8 thousand people, it’s far from the urban environment you might find in Toronto or Sudbury. However, this small town offers a lot of opportunities for work in agricultural, mining and oil industry.

    Best job opportunities in Northern Ontario

    Now that you know which cities in this part of the province are the best for job hunting, let’s see what are the best and highest paid jobs in Northern Ontario. Please note that the salaries shown are average annual numbers and it’s not guaranteed that you will have the exact salary mentioned in this article.


    Average salary: $20-40 thousand

    We just had to start with this one. Why is such a low paid job the first on the list? Well, I think you know why. We all know that bartender who makes six figures a year but pays taxes for only 30 thousand. Since their main source of income (tips) is hard to track it is impossible to guess what an average bartender makes in a year. However, if you are talkative and know how to make drinks, it might be a good idea to contact some movers Northern Ontario.

    a bartender behind the bar is one of the top job opportunities in Northern Ontario
    Remember to tip your bartender

    Database Admin

    Average salary: $95 thousand

    We all know how fast technology can develop. This is a position which will be needed in the future as well as now. And it’s just one of the many tech-based jobs you can find in this part of Canada.

    Marketing Manager

    Average salary: $100 thousand

    This is a very responsible and demanding position. A marketing manager is responsible for advertising the entire company. Apart from a chance to advance, this position offers good possibilities for advancing.

    Computer Engineer

    Average salary: $100 thousand

    Another tech-based job, this one is even better paid than the last one. If you like hardware engineering, welding wires and making super capable computers for various purposes. You can find openings for this kind of jobs primarily in bigger cities, like Sudbury or Thunder Bay. And if six figures aren’t enough, you can always consider moving because of the tourist attractions.

    a computer motherboard
    Computer engineering is among the best job opportunities in Northern Ontario

    Security Engineer

    Average salary: $102 thousand

    Security Engineers make sure that the systems are protected and secure. It’s a challenging job since a security engineer must think of new and better ways to stop attacks on the companies servers (hackers, competition, etc).

    Supply Chain Manager

    Average salary: $106 thousand

    A very demanding job, because this manager is the connection between the higher and lower positions in the company. As a supply manager, you may need to direct and coordinate production, stocking, and purchasing for the whole company. So a lot will be riding on your decisions.

    As you can see, apart from the mining, agriculture, and supply, there are a lot more job opportunities in Northern Ontario. And the best part is that the region is constantly growing and advancing. So, if haven’t already decided, it would be a good idea to go looking for employment options in Northern Ontario.