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    Top Ontario sightseeing options to explore

    Canada is a beautiful country, with many natural wonders. Every part of it has amazing views and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Ontario is not an exception. It has a vast offer of exciting attractions that you will have a hard time to choose which one to visit first. There are so many top Ontario sightseeing options to explore, and this guide will show you the best of them.

    What to visit first?

    If you are moving to Ontario, you probably already researched what attractions it offers. Still, it’s impossible to visit them all in one day, since there is so many of them. It is harder to choose than you think, so making a travel list will be a great idea. List all the top Ontario sightseeing options that you have to visit. Then list your interest and travel priorities. For example, do you prefer to have an adventure in nature or to explore the art scene of the city? According to that, list the attractions that you want to see first. Since the local businesses are cooperating on many levels, if some of the attractions require a travel agent, ask your long distance movers Canada for the recommendation.  They will surely have some reliable and affordable tourist agency to recommend you.

    A must-see top Ontario sightseeing options

    Niagara Falls

    The biggest perk of moving to Ontario is the proximity to the one of the world’s most famous attraction – the Niagara Falls.
    The mighty Niagara Falls will take your breath away. It is one of those things that every traveler and nature lover has to see. It is perfect for every type of vacation – from a romantic escape or ultimate family getaway to an adventurous weekend away.
    Here you can venture through 300+ km of bike trails, hike through local hot spot Niagara Glen for encounters with wildlife, monkey around on the Whirlpool Adventure Course, sail into the mist with a cruise ship, or go on a daring adventure by kayaking on the river.
    Admire the Niagara Falls in all its glory and have an amazing experience.

    Niagara Falls is one of the top Ontario sightseeing options
    The view on this force of nature is astonishing, especially during the night when both waterfalls are illuminated.

    Thousand Islands

    A scenic natural area known as the Thousand Islands is dotted over an 80-kilometer stretch of the St. Lawrence. The islands are on a granite shelf stretching all way from Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains in the United States.

    It is one of the oldest and most famous holiday areas in Ontario. It provides relaxation during the hot summer months and plenty of water entertainment for all ages. A cruise through this maze of islands is a really amazing experience. So is the helicopter ride which will show you the view from above that many didn’t see. For decades, this is the perfect summer getaway, so its no wonder why is one of the top Ontario sightseeing options.

    Ontario’s Provincial and National Parks

    If you like to enjoy many opportunities that the outdoor living has to offer then Ontario is the perfect place for you. It has many great provincial and national parks that are some of the most beautiful areas of Canada. If you like canoeing and hiking than head out to Southern Ontario. Lakes and forests of Algonquin, French River, and Killarney Provincial Parks, as well as the Bruce Peninsula National Park, provide enjoyment for all nature lovers.

    Georgian Bay Islands National Park and the Fathom Five National Marine Park are also worth seeing. The invitingly pristine lakes and forests in Quetico Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario are perfect for the weekend gateway. With so many natural beauty, it’s no wonder why the parks are one of the top Ontario sightseeing options.

    The National Gallery of Canada

    As a cultural hub, Ontario has many museums and art galleries that you need to visit. It’s best to start with the National Gallery of Canada that houses some of the country’s most important collections. Work of many prominent Canadian artists from the Group of Seven to Emily Carr and many other famous names can be found here, as well as displays important pieces by well-known international artists.

    The building of the National Gallery of Canada itself is an ultra-modern architectural masterpiece – a creation of the famous Moshe Safdie. All the art and culture lovers also shouldn’t miss taking a peek at some of the top Sudbury museums.

    National Gallery of Canada is one of the top Ontario sightseeing options to explore.
    National Gallery of Canada is amazing from inside out.

    Toronto’s CN Tower

    Let’s not forget the symbol of Toronto in the heart of downtown – the iconic CN TowerWith its 553-meter of height, it dominates the skyline. You can spot it from all over the city and surroundings at any time of the day. Still, you should take a trip up the tower to fully experience it. Three-quarters of the way to the top you can dine in one of the restaurants with the full view of Toronto.  For those who just like to admire the view, the observation deck is at the same level. On a clear day, you can see the plume of mist rising off Niagara Falls.

    Toronto's CN tower is one of the top Ontario sightseeing options.
    The Toronto’s CN Tower is also spectacular by night.

    Parliament Hill in Ottawa

    One of the most important landmarks in the nation’s capital is Parliament Hill. Standing more than 90 meters high between the Senate and the House of Commons, the Peace Tower is the most obvious and the most photographed feature. Those who are lucky enough to be visiting Ottawa on July 1 can enjoy some of the biggest Canada Day celebrations in the country which is a truly special experience.

    Other top-rated attractions in Ontario

    These attractions are not enough to convince you to pack your belongings, call the international moving company and relocate to Canada? Don’t worry, this is just the beginning of what this beautiful country has to offer. Maybe some of the next suggestions will persuade you to come and join us:

    • Royal Ontario Museum
    • Canada’s Wonderland theme park
    • MarineLand amusement water park
    • Art Gallery of Ontario
    • Fort William Historical Park
    • Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons.

    Whichever of these top Ontario sightseeing options you decide to pay a visit, we are sure that you will have a great time. You already know how polite Canadians are, so it’s just a matter of time when you’ll realize that you have to come back to this country for good.