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    Top places for singles in Canada

    What are the best places for singles in Canada? Why does that even matter? Well, how can it not matter? Humans are nothing if not social beings. It is a simple fact that cannot be argued. We all need other people, whether it is just our family or a couple of friends. We often find ourselves in need of a move to a new home for this exact reason. Unless you belong in that almost astronomically small percentage of the human race that actually lives in total seclusion and is completely self-sufficient, you do need other people. One of the best things about human society is that, as it is so complex, in order to taste its benefits, you need to be a part that society which means that you are always connected to other people. Now, there are many kinds of human connections that a person can make.

    landscape photography of snowy mountains
    Canada is a beautiful country that has so many things to offer

    Usually, the most important one is the connection we make with our parents and our siblings if we have them. They are extremely crucial in forming us into personas of our own. Then there are other relatives and people we meet that can get close with and that grow to be our friends. They become the family that we choose and are often on the same level of importance (or even higher) than some family members. And then we have that one really important group people called our “love interests”, “special someones”, “soulmates” etc. Finding them is one of the important things in life for most of us. When you are single, you have no choice but to try (and fail) on this road until you find the love of your life. It helps if you are in one of the top places for singles in Canada.

    Edmonton is the top pick on the list best places for singles in Canada

    Edmonton is a very important place in Canada due to the fact that it is the capital city of the province of Alberta. Located on the North Saskatchewan River and in the center of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, is in the commanding position of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor. Edmontonians are proud of their city’s history and importance for Canada. One of the biggest cities in Canada, Edmonton has almost one million residents and its metropolitan area has a population of around 1,300,000.  This area is northernmost in the whole of North America that has a 7-figure population. Hiring long distance movers Canada to get there would be advisable. However, the most important thing here is the fact that Edmonton is among the top 5 most single cities in Canada for both sexes.

    Edmonton is one of the top places for singles in Canada
    Each city has its own unique style of life

    The capital has to be here, right? Ottawa is a great place for singles

    Next one of the top places for singles in Canada is without any doubt its capital, Ottawa. This city has a couple of weeks ago gotten its 1,000,000 resident! As one of the largest cities in the country and its capital, it has a lot to offer to anyone. It is the economic and social focal point of Canada. The greatest of international companies have their seats here. Every other part of the country looks up to Ottawa. Furthermore, there are countless places where you can go out and meet someone. You can practice any sport that you can think of, which is one of the easiest ways of creating new friendships and furthering them to relationships. People move here all the time. However, If you are going to move here, consider finding a company that offers moving and storage Ontario services both. 

    Quebec City, the capital of Quebec province

    Though smaller in size and population than the previous two, Quebec has a lot to offer to everyone. It is one of the cities that have the strongest link to the French heritage of Canada. Historical sites are numerous here and history is what defines this city. There is an area of ramparts that surrounds Old Quebec and are the only fortified city walls that still remain north of Mexico. It is a place where you can see countless tourists every day. Also, people from the surrounding area also travel on a large scale here every day. Quebec City is always full of people of all sorts of race, class, styles, etc. You can find all types of people here and it is truly one of the best places for singles in Canada. Moving here would definitely be one of the best decisions you ever made.

    CN Tower at nighttime
    People in Canada are generally really kind and meeting new people is really easy here

    Saskatoon of Saskatchewan

    Saskatoon, the largest city of the province of Saskatchewan, is easily one of the best places for singles in Canada. Located near the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway, it dominates the land. It is also the cultural and social center of the area, which comes as no surprise as Saskatoon is one of the oldest places in the area since it was founded in 1882. The population of this amazing city is around 250,000 people. This is only half of the story as it plays a major role for countless people in the area. Thousands commute here daily and you can meet new people every day.

    The city of Mount Royal – Montreal

    Montreal is one of the most recognizable household names in the world. It was originally called the “City of Mary”, but its name was later changed after Mount Royal. It is the triple-peaked hill at the core of the city. The city itself is located on the Island of Montreal that got its name the same way as the city. The city’s metropolitan area has almost 2,000,000 people. Furthermore, It is home to many nations and many cultures, making Montreal a true metropolis. It is the center of art, culture, finance, education and pretty much any other area. People here are friendly and open minded and know how to have fun. Meeting new people is thus really easy, making Montreal one of the top places for singles in Canada.