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    Top reasons for leaving Canada

    There are a lot of reasons why people move to another city or even country. Some people just want to start a new life, others retire and want to change their location and live in a peaceful environment. However, there are people who are forced to move because their job requires it. Today, we will talk about the top reasons for leaving Canada. As we know, the relocation process is something that gives us a lot of stress and headaches but we all have to go through it, sooner or later.

    Top reasons for leaving Canada

    Not everybody thinks the same, for some people Canada is one of the best places to work and live. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who can’t stand the cold. Believe it or not, Canada is one of the coolest places and that is one of the top reasons for leaving Canada. If you want to move to another country, you will have to hire international movers Canada to assist you with your move.

    Canada is a wonderful country. A lot of job opportunities, great schools, and colleges for your children, lovely and friendly people are some of the good things you can count on if you decide to stay and live here. However, there are people who would rather move out and search for a better life somewhere else. So, let’s see now what are the top reasons for leaving Canada.

    • Loneliness and Family Disconnect
    • Financial Difficulties
    • No Will to start all over again
    • High Real Estate prices
    • Medicine
    • Weather
    • High Expectations

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    Loneliness and Family Disconnect

    Most of the people who moved to Canada in order to find a good job and secure the future for their family feel lonely. They left behind their children, family, and friends and adapting to a new environment is not an easy thing to do. So, one of the top reasons for leaving Canada is feeling lonely and disconnected from people you love and care about. In addition, if you want to go back to your homeland, check on moving to Austalia from Canada!

    Reasons for Leaving Canada – Financial Difficulties

    Canada is an amazing country to live but not everyone gets rich fast or at all. It is difficult to get the right and good job immediately. Also, you will have to spend a lot on taxes, renting an apartment, paying bills and getting groceries for yourself. If you think that you can come to Canada and get a lot of money fast, you are wrong! You will have to work hard and a lot in order to earn money and some people can not handle something like that. So, this is also one of the top reasons for leaving Canada!

    Man holding a few 20 dollars bills.
    Some people decide to leave Canada because they have financial difficulties.

    No Will to start All Over Again

    You have to understand that you won’t be on the top right away in Canada. If you moved here from some other country and you were a very successful businessman or on a good position, that doesn’t mean you will right away get the same position as you used to have back where you come from. In Canada, you will have to start all over again, from the bottom. Some people can not handle that, and they become depressed and sad. That’s the time when they start considering to move out. But, check on how to start a small business, it might help you to change your decision!

    Reasons for leaving Canada – High Real Estate Prices

    There are people who work for whole life and they are not able to afford a house for them and their family. Real Estate prices are high in cities such as Toronto or Vancouver. If you are planning to buy a house you will need 2 or more million dollars and most people just can’t afford that. On the other hand, there are some other countries where they would be able to find a decent house and raise their family. Therefore, some people give up and search for a new place to live.

    One of the top reasons for leaving Canada is high real estate prices!
    Some people can not afford to buy a house for their family, so they decide to move to some other country.

    If you are one of the people who want to stay and work harder because you love Canada and you want your family to come and be with you, you should check on how to prepare your children for moving abroad!


    Even though Canada has splendid doctors, surgeons, and medical equipment, you already know that every prescription you get, you will have to pay for. Not to mention dentists! If you want to fix your teeth, it would be cheaper for you to go to some other country than to do it here! For some people, not being able to afford medicine and medical insurance is frightening so they decide to leave as soon as they can.


    Not everyone can adapt to the weather in Canada! Winter can be extremely cold, and you will have to wear proper winter gear. And not only that, there is a lot of snow, so you will have to use chains for your car too. On the other hand, there are places where temperature during the summer can raise up a lot. Some people can not handle these temperature changes so they are considering moving to some other country. In addition, there’s a guide for adapting to a colder climate!

    House and street view during the winter night.
    A lot of people can not adapt to the Canadian cold weather so they decide to move somewhere else.

    High Expectations

    This is one of the worst things people can do before they decide to live in Canada. Most of the people have high expectations but nothing is easy as they think. They usually think they will go to Canada, find a great job, find a perfect house and raise their family. But it’s not like that! This is one of the reasons why people leave Canada, they come here and they get disappointed and then they decide to move.

    These were the top reasons for leaving Canada. So what’s the conclusion? If you are sure that you can not handle living in Canada, you are free to go and search for a place that makes you and your family happy. But, you can not expect things to be served to you on a silver plate. Life in Canada can be very good if you are working hard for it. You will have to put some effort and try harder and you will definitely reach your goal. We wish you a happy life no matter where you are!