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    Top sports bars in Toronto to visit

    A unique mix of different influences and flavors, Toronto presents a true gem of the Western Hemisphere. It is one of the world’s major financial and business centers and is also renowned for its cultural and historical values. Regarded by some, as the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto attracts 43 million tourists every year. If you wish to move to Toronto contact one of the moving companies Ontario to help you out with your relocation. Whether you are a tourist just passing by or a full-time resident we have prepared an interesting guide of top sports bars in Toronto to visit. So, if you are tired of strolling the busy streets of Toronto, and are looking for a cozy place to grab a refreshment stay with us for additional info.

    Visit downtown for best sports bars in Toronto

    Downtown Toronto has quite charming and colorful neighborhoods like Kensington, King West, Harbourfront, The Annex, and Chinatown. If you are interested in moving to one of Toronto’s many cool neighborhoods lookup local movers Ontario to find out about moving quotes and free dates. Anyway, downtown Toronto has a huge spider web of streets full of funky bars, indie coffee shops and of course sports bars. This is especially true for Kensington Market, the bohemian capital of Toronto.

    Picture of downtown Toronto
    Downtown Toronto has many interesting neighborhoods with lots of bars, coffee shops, and bistros

    Real Sports Bar and Grill

    Have you missed your chance to buy a ticket for your favorite local team’s game? Or do you just wish to enjoy the game on a monstrous screen? Then the Real Sports Bar is the perfect place for you. It’s the biggest sports bar in Toronto and it’s equipped with uncountable LCD’s with biggest of them measuring a staggering 39 feet. You can’t miss a second of the game here because screens are everywhere you look. In case you get thirsty Real Sports Bar has a selection of over 120 draft beers. Speaking of food, most dishes are typical American, Canadian and pub food, but you also have vegan-friendly options. It is located near the Scotiabank Arena.

    Picture of burger and french fries
    Most sports bars in Toronto have a menu consisted of burgers, sausages, fries. nachos and other bar food

    The Football Factory, one of the few sports bars in Toronto to watch a soccer match

    This place takes pride in being the only true place in Toronto to watch a football/soccer match. It has 36 LCD screens and is open from 7 am so you don’t miss a thing. On their menu, you can find a variety of pub food and some specialties like oysters in bearnaise sauce or Venison Carpaccio. The Football Factory is known for having a great atmosphere and as the meeting point of Toronto FC supporters.

    The Loose Moose

    With medieval-style tables and unmatching chairs, this place stayed true to its roots and is concentrated on delivering what any avid sports fan wishes. Cold beer and live-action. Actually, The Loose Moose has a huge selection of Ontario’s craft beers, and an interesting menu ranging from pork chops to salads. One word to summarize this place would be laid-back.

    The Ballroom

    This is actually not a sports bar, but a massive concept space that stretches on 23,500 square feet. It has a convenient location, just off Queen West. With reasonable prices and enough different dishes, you can’t miss with The Ballroom. Here you chose a variety of activities such as:

    • Test your skills in different games. Here you can invite your friends for a game of bowling, ping-pong, foosball or billiards.
    • Listen to live music. Yes, The Ballroom acts as a concert venue for live music artists.
    • Organize private parties and birthdays. Want to take out friends or colleagues for bowling, or for a casual dinner with live music? Just make sure you check if your dates are
    • Drink draft beer and watch a sports match. Lastly, this is why we have mentioned this place, to begin with. Location, reasonable prices, and nice atmosphere make this place an ideal candidate for you to watch your favorite team live.

    The Aviary Brewpub

    Like the name says this is the place where you can get some craft beers, namely the Hibiscus Pale Ale that is quite refreshing and a great choice for hot days. Selection of currently available craft beers is displayed on a scoreboard. After all, this is a sports bar. The selection of food is mainly oriented towards classical pub and bar menu, with different types of burgers, fried wings, and house-made sausages. It is located in the Canary District of Toronto.

    King Taps in one of the top sports bars in Toronto
    King Taps has an amazing selection of Ontario’s finest craft beers

    King Taps

    Somewhat more suited to beer lovers, King Taps is also a great place to catch a game. King Taps has seating for 450 people and enough screens so you can watch the game from every angle. But what makes this place stand out is its beer selection. Like the name suggests it has pretty much all of Ontario’s microbreweries and craft beers available. Rainhard, Blood Brothers and Muskoka are a must-try while you have a massive selection of imported IPA’s from other parts of the world. This is the place to come and simply enjoy your beer. Speaking of food, all the usual bar foods are there, pizza, ribs, nachos, and burgers. King Taps is located in the middle of the Financial District.

    So, there you go, this was our selection of sports bars in Toronto to visit while on holiday or if you run out of ideas of where to go for a pint of beer. Remember that Toronto is a constantly-evolving city and that it is almost impossible to keep track of places like these as new ones appear almost on a daily basis, Nevertheless, we sure hope that you will have a nice time and that you will discover some other interesting places. Have a nice day.