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    Top Sudbury museums to explore

    Greater Sudbury is the largest city of Northern Ontario. It is a very vibrant and multicultural town with many attractions. The city core is really an urban hub, that provides plenty of entertainment. Smaller communities are scattered around the numerous lakes that surround the city center. The city of Greater Sudbury is known for its outdoor recreation activities, art, and music events, but also for its cultural heritage. If you are planning to move to this city, be sure to explore all the wonders of the top Sudbury museums. It is a fun and educational activity for all the family to enjoy it.

    Top Sudbury museums

    We hope that you have hired the knowledgeable local movers Sudbury and that your relocation was smooth and on time. When your belongings arrive and you unpack them, it is time to start exploring the city. Sudbury is a very exciting place, with a lot of entertainment options.
    These top Sudbury museums should definitely be on your bucket list:

    • Science North museum
    • Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre
    • Art Gallery of Sudbury
    • Anderson Farm Museum

    Science North museum

    Your imagination will run wild as you discover nature, science and technology exhibits at this museum with plenty of interactive activities. It is one of the top Sudbury museums because it provides a lot of fun while you’re learning something new. Before you start to prepare for the Sudbury winter, take advantage of the warm months and explore this amazing museum.

    This place provides entertainment for all ages. It is spread across four floors, and every one of them is a special experience.
    Activities aimed at toddlers are on the first floor. The second floor is an enclosed garden with over 400 colorful butterflies flying amid more than 200 exotic plant species.
    On the third floor, you can participate in live science shows in the Discovery Theatre. After the show, you can wander around and watch nocturnal creatures such as bats, flying squirrels, and owls.  There is also a living bee colony that you can peak in, and the replica of the North Ontario forest.

    The fourth floor has many interesting exhibits. Here you have the opportunity to be a DJ, fly an aircraft in a flight simulator, test your speed and fitness and take a cinematic journey along the Great Lakes.

    If you are fascinated by the space, take a seat at the planetarium. Learn more about the mystical stars, planets, and galaxies of the known universe by watching astronomy movies.

    • Location: 100 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury (10-minute drive from the downtown of Sudbery)
    • Open hours: Museum of Science North is open daily, except for some public holidays
    • Fees: There are separate admission fees for the museum, IMAX® theater, and planetarium. You can purchase a combined ticket that grants all-day access to the attractions plus the Dynamic Earth science museum.
    Science North is one of the top Sudbury museums
    Science North museum is fun for all ages!

    Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre

    If you like the trains and the railroad, then visit the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre is a nice way to spend an entertaining day.
    The museum provides a nostalgic look at Northern Ontario heritage and a historical account of the mining and lumber industry and their railroads.

    There is a Northern Ontario railroad memorabilia that dates from 1890  until the 1990 year, a record of the railroad’s impact on early settlements of the area.
    The museum is in the historical house built in 1916 and was the former CN superintendent’s residence.
    From 2012., the museum has the ownership of the old Town of Capreol Fire Hall and currently using it as a Heritage Centre.
    The visit to this one of the top Sudbury museums is the great way to learn about the history in the fun and interactive way.

    • Location: 26 Bloor St. Capreol, Ontario
    • Open hours: Museum is open from May 19 until September 2. During that period it works every day of the week, between 10 AM and 4 PM (other times by appointment)
    • Fees: Infants (under 3 years) can enter for free, a fee for the children under 12 years old is $7.00, for students (12-18 years old) and seniors (over 55 years old) is $12, while the ticket for the adults is $15.00
    Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre is one of the top Sudbury museums to explore
    All aboard to one of the top Sudbury museums.

    Art Gallery of Sudbury

    Local history and contemporary works of art come together in the lush surroundings of the Gallery grounds.
    This gallery is located in the former residence of lumber baron William Joseph Bell, in the gorgeous turn of the century mansion, which is the architectural artwork on itself. Here, contemporary art intertwines with the local history, providing a unique setting.

    At this museum, you will have the opportunity to visit exciting exhibitions, lecture series, art classes, special events, facility rentals, the opportunity to rent and buy local art and purchase Canadian art from the gallery’s boutique.

    Visiting this one of the top Sudbury museums is a real treat for anyone that loves art and history.

    • Location: 251 rue John St. Sudbury, Ontario
    • Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Sunday from 12:00 AM until 5:00 PM
    • Fees: Admission by donation
    Art Gallery of Sudbury is one of the top Sudbury museums
    All the art lovers will be delighted with this museum.

    Anderson Farm Museum

    If you want to have fun after moving to Sudbury than think about visiting the Anderson Farm Museum. You can learn a lot about the history and the way of life in the pass times. Still, if you just want to relax, this place is also perfect for that. Enjoy the beautiful view of its 14 acres of natural beauty that is perfect for the family picnic.
    At the Anderson Farm Museum, you will travel back to the past. This is the site of one of the largest dairies in the Sudbury area during the 1920s and 1930s.

    It is preserving the rich history of the surrounding community and putting it on display for visitors.
    The farmhouse that you can visit is built in 1914., and it’s the place where the Anderson family was living. The barn and milk house of the family are also on display. As well as the 100 years old traditional Finnish loom, where visitors can try it out and help to weave a rug.

    Walking through the dairy barn, you will see different farming exhibits. The loft of the barn has been transformed into a large exhibit area relating to various historical themes in the City of Greater Sudbury’s evolution.
    The Beatty Pumper Windmill is also located on the museum grounds. It is a reconstruction, made of the parts from the three original windmills on site.  There is also a blacksmith’s forge and a variety of other tools.

    This site is also a location for organizing many interesting events and festivals all year around.
    Because many attractions and astonishing nature that surrounds it, this is one of the top Sudbury museums to explore.

    • Location: 550 Regional Road 24 Lively, Ontario
    • Open hours: Everyday from 10:00 AM until 16:00 PM
    • Fees: Adults $4, children $2