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    Tourist attractions in Sudbury

    Welcome to Sudbury, located in Ontario. By land area, it is actually the largest city in Ontario. For the newcomers and tourists, this city has many things to offer. Tourist attractions in Sudbury are versatile and everybody can find a place of their interest. Our article is here to introduce you to some of the most attractive locations and things to do while in this city. We are sure you’ll love it as much as we do, and wish to return to explore more. Those who are moving to Sudbury will also find this text useful. It will help them find out more about their future hometown and get informed before coming. Therefore, stick around with us.

    Prepare for moving

    Make an appointment with a moving company to help you relocate to Sudbury.

    Before enjoying tourist attractions in Sudbury, there is one thing you should do first. If you have decided to relocate here, we suggest you contact moving companies Sudbury to assist you with the relocation process. It would be the best to hire only that company that can truly fulfill every request you find important. The most appropriate way to make sure which company is the one that suits you is to make an appointment. However, it might be a good idea to inform yourself first about this whole process before moving to Sudbury. It might help you figure out what are the things to pay attention to. This way, you shall know what questions to ask the agent. Note as well that only licensed companies are eligible. Therefore, you can expect a maximum quality service from such companies. And you shouldn’t settle for anything else than that!

    Choose a new neighborhood

    The happiness in Sudbury largely depends on your surroundings. That’s why it is very important to choose a neighborhood that will make you feel completely comfortable and happy. One of the best-rated neighborhoods in Sudbury are:

    1. Downtown Sudbury with an easy access to the most important events, a huge walkable area, and a very interesting culture scene.
    2. Flour Mill is perfect for those who are looking for more affordable housing. Most city’s services are around 30 minutes walk away. Also, the proximity of College Boreal is certainly a plus of this neighborhood.
    3. New Sudbury’s advantages are the vicinity of Cambrian college, a huge shopping center and a fact that it is perfect for raising a family.

    Tourist attractions in Sudbury

    After using moving services Sudbury to help you find a perfect neighborhood for your family and yourself, or if you’re just visiting, we’ll present you some of the most popular tourist attractions in Sudbury.

    Science North

    Up for science? Well, you’ve come to a right place. This is Sudbury’s ‘a must go’ tourist attraction. It features a large number of different types of exhibitions, science shows, interactive programme, and so much more. Even those who never liked science will surely change their mind. What’s more, Science North is home to an amazingly large array of wildlife and exotic plants that everybody’s fascinated with.

    Check out Dynamic Earth

    More science awaits those who appreciate science. If you’re in the town anytime between March and September, you can pay a visit to this science center. Here, you’ll gain a useful knowledge about earth science and witness a stimulated dynamite blast during the underground tour. The fact that these tours are equally enjoyed by the visitors of all age speaks a lot about its interactivity and quality. Plus, on your way to the center, you can enjoy the scenic view of the lake Ramsay and just enjoy the nature.

    Observe the Nickel

    The Giant Nickel
    Don’t miss taking a photo of the Giant nickel, one of the most iconic landmarks in Sudbury.

    Well, you really haven’t been to Sudbury if you haven’t checked in at the Giant Nickel. Definitely one of the most known tourist attractions in Sudbury, the Giant Nickel is a replica of a nickel from 1952. So, take a few family photos in front of this landmark to remind you of the trip. Say ‘Nickel’!

    A day in a park

    Sudbury’s attractions include taking a tour around its many lakes or visiting parks. Although there are many beautiful parks you’ll definitely enjoy, Bell Park is probably the most popular. And for a reason. Here you can take a walk along the shores of Lake Ramsay, visit an amphitheater and snap beautiful photos in gazebos. This park is the venue for several popular events such as Sudbury Summerfest, concerts during summer time. The best part, it’s free of charge.

    Arc Climbing

    People craving for adrenaline should definitely check out Arc Climbing park. This 7000 square feet facility offers rock climbing sessions for people of all age. Even those with little experience can test their skills since the facility includes all levels from beginner to expert.

    Dinosaur Valley

    Children will love this! The park features realistic skeletons of dragons and dinosaurs. If you like playing golf, then you’ll be happy to know you can also play a game of mini golf in one of its seven courses. You can turn this into a family/friend championship and see which member of the company will be the first to complete the game.

    Museum tour

    To learn more about the history of this city, make sure to visit some of the heritage museums. This city was inhabited by the miners, and you see some of the original artifacts from this period if you visit The Copper Cliff Museum. Furthermore, the museum also provides an insight of the lifestyle of a typical miner’s family of that time. Rayside-Balfour Museum is for those who wish to learn more about the agricultural history characteristic for the area.

    Of course, tourist attractions in Sudbury include so much more. The city is simply perfect for those who wish to see authentic venues as well as for those who would like to spread the roots here and raise a family in a friendly community.