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    Using your attic for storage – smart or not?

    Finding enough space for all your things can be tough after moving to Ontario. Especially if you had to move to a smaller home. Luckily, there are ways you can maximize your storing potential. One of them is to employ all of the empty space as storage space. Because it’s usually empty, using your attic for storage can be a good idea.

    Is it smart to store things in your attic?

    Normally, the answer to this question is: yes! However, there are certain prerequisites your attic must fulfill before you can use it as storage. If you do not meet some of them, you will risk damage to your items, or even to your entire property!

    • accessibility – first of all, you should be able to access your attic with ease and safety! This means a sturdy ladder or a quality drop-out staircase. Apart from this, you should be able to find secure footing once you climb up. All in all, make sure you’re entering a safe environment when using your attic for storage.
    • isolation – another important safety feature you’ll need to install. With this, it’s best to hire professional help since the consequences of poor isolation can be pretty severe. The attic is one of the riskiest areas in the house, so make sure you do the job right.
    • ventilation – this feature will be more important for your items that for you. Though it will be nice to avoid that musty attic smell. Enabling an airflow in your attic will help preserve your items.
    An old and run down attic.
    You shouldn’t use a poorly prepared attic like this for storage.

    Consider the items you want to store

    Using your attic as storage isn’t a good idea in all cases. If you don’t want to invest in your attic, the choice of items you can store will be limited. This doesn’t mean your attic is useless as a storage facility – far from it! It just means you’ll need to be more careful with the items you want to store there.

    Your loft or your attic is spacious, but there are no people in there, so it rarely air-conditioned. Thus, outside temperature changes are likely to affect the temperature of your attic. In the summers, your attic will be like an oven, while in the winter it will be freezing, You can use this to your advantage! Apart from this, you should avoid storing items which are sensitive to moisture. If you don’t have a ventilation system or a dehumidifier, you’ll risk damaging your things.

    Correctly using your attic for storage

    Using a room as a storage unit should always be done correctly! You shouldn’t just toss everything in there without any order. No matter how secure you make your attic, you’ll still be at risk of injury if it’s not organized. Things falling on your head, losing footing among the Christmas decoration, and box avalanches are only some of the issues that can come from a messy attic. So, maximize your storage potential with these awesome tips!


    One of the best ways of using your attic for storage is to install shelves everywhere you can. You can use the angle of your roof and the floor. With a little work, you’ll have an organized and tidy attic. The roof’s incline is also perfect for making a wardrobe in it. Use the space to store the clothes which are out of season.

    You'll need shelves when using your attic for storage.
    Shelves are useful for more than books.

    Plastic boxes

    Another awesome idea for keeping any storage space tidy is to use plastic boxes. Easily movable, durable and reusable, these boxes will save you a lot of trouble! They are especially good for storing things in attics since they can be sealed. This will protect the items inside them from the elements and moisture. Just remember not to stack them more than two high.

    When not to use your attic for storage?

    You shouldn’t be using your attic as storage mostly if you don’t need the extra space. You can use your attic or loft in a much better way if you can find a place for your things other than the attic. Make a playroom for your kids or a home office. Install bookshelves in all of the walls and make a reading area out of it. Make whatever you want of it. However, make sure your attic has heat and moisture insulation. Also, for this to work, you’ll need to be able to control the temperature and the airflow in your attic. It wouldn’t do to freeze up there!

    An attic made into a classroom.
    Using your attic for storage may not always be the right call.

    Hire the pros

    If you don’t want to invest in your attic, but you need a place to put some of your things, you could rent storage units Ontario. You can rely on the pros to keep your items safe until you find the perfect place for them. Choose a climate controlled unit for storing items which require special care. Apart from this, a professional moving and storage company can help you pack all your things for storage. So, if you’re not into using your attic for storage, you can always opt for this.

    In the end, just make sure you’re safe whatever you do. If you want to just dump stuff in your attic, at least do it in a safe manner. Keep a path between the boxes, don’t stack them too high and make sure you have stable footing. If you’re considering using your attic for storage in a serious way, you’ll need to invest in it. However, don’t skimp on the improvements necessary for your safety!