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    Ways to declutter your fridge before moving

    In an ideal world, you would just wrap your fridge and relocate it together with its entire content. Since that isn’t the case, you need to learn some ways to declutter your fridge before moving. First and foremost, your refrigerator should be empty and clean. Even though decluttering it may seem daunting, ┬ádon’t worry. If you excel in organizing and use some basic tips and tricks, this can be one of the easiest moving tasks.

    Include decluttering your fridge in your moving schedule

    Depending on the number of items in your fridge, this task can be done in a matter of minutes or it can take several hours. Nevertheless, it’s something that should be done. Prior to choosing any of the best ways to declutter your fridge, asses how much time you will need.
    While it seems like something that you will logically do before packing your refrigerator, write it down in your moving checklist and the packing schedule. If you don’t do this, you may find yourself in the time crunch. It goes without saying nobody wants that stress.

    Best ways to declutter your fridge

    • Declutter the inside first – If you wish to tackle the inside of your fridge first, and then move to its outside areas, that is also a good strategy.
    • Start from the top – If you don’t have cupboards directly above your fridge, you probably use its top as the storage place. That is a perfect place for storing the light dishware, cereal boxes and other items. You may be surprised how much things you have accumulated there, so decluttering it can be a great place to start organizing your fridge.
    • Pay attention to the doors of the refrigerator – Fridge is a prime place in your kitchen where clutter quickly accumulates. Magnets, school papers, and kids art or photo from your travels is the common decoration on the refrigerator doors. One of the good ways to declutter your fridge is to start from there. Putt it all in the quality moving boxes Sudbury that you’ve gathered, pack them safely and label the boxes properly.
    Starting with the fridge door is one of the convenient ways to declutter your fridge.
    Be careful when you’re packing ceramic fridge magnets.

    No matter what strategy you use, you’ll have the same result – a clean fridge. All of these tactics are right, just think about what is most convenient to you. Choose one of these ways to declutter your fridge and get started.

    What items from your fridge you should you throw away?


    First of all, you should know that there are some items that you shouldn’t keep in storage, and those are also the things your movers won’t move. Perishable food is one of those items. Not having those groceries in your moving boxes will ensure the safety of your stuff. They can go bad or spill during the transport, endangering all of your belongings.

    One of the best way to declutter your fridge is to get rid of all the perishable food.
    Perishables are the first items that you should throw away.

    If you don’t feel comfortable throwing the money away, and you don’t have time to eat all of your perishables before the moving day, think about throwing a going away party or a dinner for your close friends and family. It’s a great way to get rid of the food that you can’t relocate and to spend some time with loved ones.
    That break will come beneficial in the time when you’re obsessing on the moving tasks. Spending time with your friends and family is a great way to avoid stress when relocating.

    Food with an overdue expiration date

    Expiration dates are on the food items for the reason. Their taste can change, but more importantly, they can also put your health in danger. Still, there’s the difference between the expiration date and “best by” date. That means some food is safe to eat after its due date, but you should know exactly which ones. Still, ask yourself if it is really worth the risk when moving day is just around the corner? The safest method is to throw them away when decluttering your fridge.

    What items to relocate?

    When figuring the ways to declutter your fridge, think about the things kept inside you want to relocate. Keep in mind every extra pound is increasing the total cost of your relocation. A reliable long distance movers Canada will explain to you the weight of your belongings is a determining factor when calculating the moving expenses. With so many household items, are you sure that you want to add to the weight of your shipment?

    Clearing out food perishable and the one that can last for years is always a good idea. If you have many food cans it will be more expensive to move them across the country than to replace them once you arrive at your new home.

    Donating food is one of few great ways to declutter your fridge .
    You can do a good deed and donate cans to the local homeless shelter.

    Unlike food, you should bring with you all the items surrounding your fridge. Exceptions are only those on the top of your fridge people typically forget about.
    If you haven’t used them for 6 months, you probably won’t be using them ever again.
    That said, make room in your moving boxes for the momentoes on the door of your fridge. If you like them in your current home, there’s no reason that your fridge doors remain blank in your new one.

    Make sure to clean your fridge

    Refrigerators are usually very dirty. You’ll have to clean it at least twice a week to keep it spotless. If you are preparing your family for the move and you have kids, you know that is impossible. Kids aren’t very careful about taking the food out of the refrigerator.

    After you decide on the ways to declutter your fridge, you may be surprised how messy it actually is. When you remove all the food from it, you will see how many crumbs and stains there are in your fridge that may seem clean.

    Before you start to pack this appliance, you need to clean it thoroughly and defrost it. Since your fridge will be out of power, its cooling system will be off. Any remaining food stains or crumbs can pique the interest of the insects. These nasty things are crafty and they will figure out a way to get in your fridge no matter how tightly packed and sealed it is.
    With your fridge, you’ll be relocating the new, gross tenants that you certainly don’t want in your new home.
    Cleaning your fridge properly will prevent that from happening.