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    Ways to make your home appear bigger

    Living in a large, spacious home is the desire of many people. However, most living spaces are smaller than we’ve imagined our dream home to be. That doesn’t mean that small home can’t be comfortable or even spacious. With little easy-to-do tips, you can make your home appear bigger than it actually is.

    First of all – get rid of the clutter

    Decluttering your home is something that you have to do from time to time. In some situation that is a necessary step. Like when you’re moving to Ontario or any other part of the country. It makes sense that you’ll bring only the things that you actually need and decrease the moving hassle and save some time on packing.

    On the other hand, what if you aren’t planning a long-distance move or any kind of relocation, but your home start to feel a little cramped up? That is the time to go through every room of your home and get rid of all the things that you really no longer need.

    More stuff you have, the more your home will look smaller. Even if you’re living in the two-story house, it will get uncomfortable really soon if you’re just adding stuff in it.

    So put your emotions aside, and really consider what you need and what you don’t longer have use from in your home. Anything you didn’t use in the past six months, you won’t be using again.

    If you do determine that you do have some items that you may use in the future, but they’re taking a lot of space in your home, think about renting a storage unit. It is a great way to spare space in your home and keep your things safe until you need them. Give a ring to some reliable local movers Ontario has to offer – they can help you to find the perfect storage space that suits all your needs.

    Make your home appear bigger by using pale colors

    Darker shades on your walls will make any space look smaller than it actually is. By using the neutral color palette for your walls, you actually can make your home appear bigger. Much bigger, if we may add.

    White is the obvious and the best choice to make any space appear larger. While it may be dull, you can always add the splash of color in the form of paintings and interesting wall decoration.

    Living room
    White walls make every space to appear bigger.

    Also, the white walls won’t only make the room look bigger, but also cleaner. If you are strongly against the white paint then consider the pale shades of blue, pink, grey, yellow or green.

    Avoid the bright and darker shades of these colors since they will produce the opposite effect.

    By all means, add some bright color

    When you have white or neutral walls that leave you space to play with bright colors in the form of decoration. Adding picture frames or furniture in bold colors will be an excellent way to make your space brighter and more personal. The psychological properties of colors tell us that they are very important for every home.

    If you adore bright shades but you’re living in a smaller home, this is the best way to incorporate them.

    Add some space by adding mirrors

    Mirrors are a powerful weapon when you wish to make your home appear bigger. Wall-to-wall mirrors may not be such a good idea, but leaning an oversized full-length one against a key wall will be an excellent way to visually enlarge your space.

    Hanging several mirrors in the living room will also create the same effect. The reflection of the room in the mirror will create an optical illusion that space appears larger than it truly is.

    Women standing next to mirror - teh item that can make your home appear bigger instantly.
    Mirror, mirror on the wall make my home look small no more…

    An interesting frame of the mirror can turn this object into the real masterpiece. If you don’t have a lot of wall decoration, picking them out of the ordinary mirror frame will make a great statement.

    It can be a DIY problem that will save you some money. Which is especially important when you’re remodeling a home on a budget.

    Choosing the furniture of the right size can make your home appear bigger

    When you’re planning a new home layout it is important to consider the size of your furniture. Lavishing big sofa may be a great centerpiece. However, if it takes too much space it can make your room feel crowded. By selecting smaller furniture that fits perfectly in the room can make your home appear bigger.

    Living room
    These types of sofas are very practical and convenient.

    Also, think practically. Especially when you are choosing furniture for the living room. The big and bulky sofa just doesn’t give enough seating area, as two smaller sofas do.

    A great solution to small spaces are the angled couches. Not only that they utilize most of the space and give you a huge seating area, but they are also very practical and make your home appear bigger than it actually is.

    Organizing the furniture layout

    Speaking of furniture, how you arrange it in the rooms is very important.

    Here are some tips that can help you with that:

    • Strategic furniture arrangement – Prioritizing large pieces and then placing smaller objects around them is always a good start. Of course, try to make your layout flowy as possible.
    • Pull furniture away from walls – Bringing furniture out from the wall helps make a room feel bigger. The gap between the furniture and the wall doesn’t have to be big. Just a few inches is enough to make your home appear bigger.
    • Sneaky storage – When buying furniture, look for the ones with secret storage spaces. Since many people are living in small spaces, there are some much beautiful furniture and design options that let you keep things close at hand but tucked away.
    • Think about built-ins – Custom built-ins give the maximum usage of the space without cramping your home. Wall shelves have the same effect.