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    Ways to make your home feel brighter

    One of the most important factors for any type of life form is sunlight. The same applies to humans. We all love to bask in the sun and relax with a nice refreshing drink. The idea is to have that same feeling in your own apartment or house. When the relocation process is over it is the time to make the place feel like home. After all, this is the place where we spend a huge chunk of our free time. If you have a balcony, that’s even better. Nothing beats the feeling of peace when sitting on your balcony after a hard day of work. But what about rooms? Is there a way to let that glorious sunlight bathe the interior of your apartment? Well, we have some cool ideas to make your home feel brighter so stay with us to find out more.

    Decluttering is the first thing you should do

    Throwing away everything that you don’t use on a regular basis is something that you should do before you move to your new home. If you need professional help for the move contact local movers Ontario to help you deal with this important life event. So why to declutter? Well, the benefits are truly numerous:

    • It will be easier for you to pack when you don’t have excess mess lying around. You will also minimize the chances of forgetting something in all that mess.
    • You will pay less for the relocation. Yes, less stuff equals less money that you have to pay for moving quotes.
    • Fresh start. You are moving to a new home and you want it clean and organized.
    • The rooms will appear brighter. You will be amazed just how much empty space looks brighter and bigger. Even the smallest and darkest apartments will change their overall atmosphere when you go for minimalist design.

      Picture of white walls that make your home feel brighter
      When choosing colors for your walls, always opt for white if you want to make your home feel brighter

    Make your home feel brighter by choosing colors wisely

    If you want bright then go white. Simple as that. Go to your local store and choose some nice white paint for your walls. You can even experiment with cream or pearl nuances. There is plenty of choices if you have an open mind and imagination. Just be careful and try to match the colors in order to maximize the effect. The same applies to your furniture. If you have surplus furniture that you are not ready to give away yet, consider renting a storage unit. Like we said less stuff means bigger living space, so contact moving and storage Ontario if you would like to put away some of your bulky furniture.

    Picture of sheer curtains
    Sheer curtains allow the light to penetrate the room

    Choose cream-colored sofas and chairs and place white rugs if you have dark floors. Next, get some sheer curtains. They will allow the light to fill the whole room evenly and they create a feeling of grandeur and simplicity at the same time. Also, make sure you remove any items from windows to get the most of the sunlight. One of the newest trends is to repaint your old furniture with chalk paint. Again, use bright colors like buttercream or seaweed green. Nothing overly aggressive.

    Mirrors will make your home feel brighter

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? This famous quote from Snow White shows us the power of mirrors and its magical abilities. When put on the wall mirror instantly opens up the space making the rooms appear twice as bigger. It creates an optical illusion of depth and it also reflects light. When picking a new mirror for your room try to match those colors we mentioned earlier. Choose a frame with white or cream nuances. Because it reflects light mirror can bring direct sunlight into dark parts of your apartment if you position them tactically. Tight hallways, small and dark rooms are perfect candidates for a big beautiful mirror.

    Make your home feel brighter with accessories

    When we say accessories, we actually mean that you should invest in some nice plants and flowers or transport the ones you already have. Colorful flowers and big leafy plants will make your home feel warmer and brighter. Because they are living beings, plants also add a dose of humanity to space which in turn creates a happy and bright atmosphere. When choosing your plants, do it accordingly to your preferences and characteristics of the room.

    Picture of plant by the window
    Plants add a healthy dose of warmness to any living space

    Does it need to be watered regularly? Does it need huge amounts of light, or is it perfect for a dark corner? These are some of the factors you should pay attention to. Also, pick a nice colorful pot that will match the rest of your apartment. If you like art and have some paintings, place them in the room that has a lot of sunlight. Unlike mirrors, paintings soak up light and are not suited for naturally dark rooms.

    Add some artificial light to help that sunlight

    Lastly, you should invest in some lamps and light bulbs to brighten up your home. Ceiling lamps and chandeliers are not a good choice because they only highlight that the room is dark. Floor lamps that are aimed at the ceiling and ones that you can put in the corner of that bookshelf are ideal options. You should have more light sources in general. Also, get LED lamps or bulbs that emit white light if you wish to make everything feel brighter. Yellow tint lamps just make things worse.

    So, these were some simple yet powerful tricks that can make your home feel brighter. Follow these steps closely and you will see the improvements quickly. Remember that the first thing you should do is to clean your windows and home. Have a nice day.