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    Ways to reward movers for a job well done

    When moving to a new home, it is quite important to have a reliable partner by your side. You have certainly done thorough research in order to find the best one. After you have contacted them and set the date, it is time to think about how to reward movers for a job well done. Of course, you are going to pay for their services regularly. This is only a way for you to express your gratitude and to show them you appreciate their commitment.

    The common way of rewarding your movers is by tipping them

    The easiest way for you to reward your movers for a job well done is to give them a tip. This is something that is accepted worldwide and you will certainly not make a mistake. However, the only thing with which you may have a problem is determining the exact amount. This is quite challenging since you would certainly not like to underpay or overpay them.

    One of the ways in which you can reward your movers for a job well done is tipping them

    If you underpay them, they may get offended and the odds are that they will not forget it. On the other hand, if you overpay them, they will certainly remember this, but you will raise their expectations. It is possible that they are not going to appreciate an average tip after that. Also, remember that you have just moved in into a new home. You have some new expenses and it would not be a good idea to lessen your budget extremely.

    A recommendation is a nice way to reward your movers for a job well done

    Since we live in a digital era, it is quite easy for you to spread the word. What you can do is to visit your movers’ website and write a review. As you already know from your own experience, this is a way in which potential clients try to get to reliable information. You will help someone else and let them know that they can count on movers in question. This is also something that the moving company itself will be grateful for. In addition to this, you can also recommend them to people around you. If you hear that someone close to you is going to move, tell them on which movers they can rely on.

    Contact the superiors to express your satisfaction

    Yes, it is, unfortunately, true that most bosses do not actually care about their employees. The only thing they worry about is to earn money and make sure the work is done. However, some of them, like local movers Sudbury, are different. They are interested not only in their employees’ wellbeing but also in your satisfaction with their work.

    Contact the superiors and tell them how satisfied you are with their employees’ work

    For this reason, you should contact them after the move is done. Tell them what are the parts with which you are most satisfied. The superiors will certainly be proud about this and the boss may even give the moving crew a pay rise. Of course, this does not mean that you should not talk about the parts with which you were not that satisfied (if this happened). Mention them as well, so that they know what to pay attention to, but do this in a nice way.

    Say them ‘thank you’ in person

    People sometimes forget how nice it is to say to someone else how pleased you are with their work, effort and dedication. Their willingness to help certainly has had a great influence on avoiding moving stress. Therefore, do not be shy- feel free to express yourself by using just words. It is important to compliment your moving crew in person- they will have immediate feedback. This means that they will know whether you were satisfied with their services. Also, this is a nice way to reward your movers for a job well done if your budget does not allow you to tip them. Your moving crew will surely understand your position. You are neither the first nor the last to have big expenses when relocating.

    Reward movers for a job well done by giving them some snack

    There is yet another way in which you can show how much you appreciate your movers’ help. Feel free to offer them some refreshments. You can buy some lunch and get cold beverages. This will certainly be more than enough, especially if you are moving during summer. In case you do not have enough time for this, you can always use some freshly squeezed juices and a tasty dessert. It will be of great help and they will appreciate the fact that you are taking good care of them.

    Offer your movers some refreshments- they will surely appreciate this

    What you can also do is to allow them to take a nap. If you are not in a great hurry and you see that your movers are quite tired, feel free to do so. This will recharge their batteries and they will be able to keep up the good work. Of course, this is preferable to do if you are moving to Sudbury from Toronto, for example (or if any other kind of moving to a different city is in question).

    As you can see for yourself, there are many ways in which you can reward your movers for a job well done. You can give them a tip, compliment them, give them some refreshments or just say ‘thank you’. This will be enough for them to know that they are doing their work properly. Of course, you should not feel that it is your duty to do all of this. Your moving crew will appreciate your showing your gratitude, but do not cross the line.