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    What’s the packing services cost

    The decision to relocate is one that people often make. The reasons are various really – better job opportunities, better educational or medical facilities, family etc. In any case, the first task in such a decision (after finding a new residence of course) is to identify the perfect Sudbury moving company. Once you do that, it’s just a matter of negotiating the professional moving services that you will need from them. This is where the price calculations come into play, depending on your relocation budget. And it is also the time when you should decide whether you want to handle the packing phase of the relocation on your own. But before you do that, you need to learn what the general packing service cost is. So here’s a quick guide to help.

    Packing services cost can be reduced to a minimum if you only understand how it all works.
    Learn all you can about packing services cost in order to avoid overpaying for those same services.

    What is the accepted average packing service cost?

    This is something that will differ from mover to mover, and is influenced by many factors. But what is more general for you to understand is that there are usually two types of pricing when it comes to packing service cost:

    • Hourly rate packing fees – this is something you will most commonly encounter with professional local relocations. The prices here range from $35 to $60 per hour per packer. The thing to remember here is that the more packers you need, the more it’ll cost you. However, some companies have a policy to lower the hourly rate as the number of packers grows. Another fact to consider are travel costs (for packers to reach your home) and extra fees such as: fuel cost, packing supplies, specialty items etc.

      Packing services cost will depend on the time spent and number of packers required.
      The larges the rooms are, the more packers will be needed and the higher the packing services cost will be.
    • Flat-rate packing feemost often applied with long distance relocations. The packing service cost is pre-determined based on the weight and volume of the belongings. In these situations, you would normally have a professional packing calculation, based on the number of rooms and packers needed. So as an example for two opposite estimates:
      • 1-bedroom apartment would cost you around $300-$450 for the packing labor alone. The packing work would take 3-4 hours’ time, and you wouldn’t need more than 2 packers.
      • 4-bedroom home should cost you around $750-$1,200. It would involve 4 packers doing all the grunt work for at least 5-6 hours. If not pre-included, packing supplies should cost you $300-$450.

    Factors that influence the packing service cost

    As we mentioned previously, packing services are usually pre-established, but they can always change under certain conditions. The price itself can vary, depending on certain factors and details. So here are some influential factors that can modify the cost rate:

    Time requirements

    The fact is that packing services are fixed on an hourly pricing system. So if you have an entire house that needs packing, it would most likely take up to a day to do. It all really depends on the size and quantity of items. And so the packing cost will grow as the hours needed to finish the packing process fly by. Professional packer rates go for $35-$60 per hour, on average. And unpacking is the same – it’s all about the hourly rate.

    Packing service cost based on overall weight of belongings

    Professional packers, Sudbury or otherwise, will charge you fixes prices based on the weight of your things. So in this manner, the packing service estimate goes in line with the quantity of items you have.

    Weight (lbs.) Est. Cost
    3,000 $300-$450
    5,000 $450-$750
    10,000 $750-$1200

    Volume of belongings

    Shape and size of the items being packed will always weigh in on the final packing service cost. Robust or strangely-shaped things will require more effort and will thus boost the final price.

    In addition, items such as furniture and appliances are not only heavier, but usually require disassembly before packing. Hence, more expert packers are needed, which raises the bar for the final packing toll.

    Packing supplies cost

    Professional moving companies usually do offer the option to purchase packing supplies from them, or they include supplies if you opt for full-service packing. The important thing is that you understand that different items require diverse packing supplies.

    For example, fragile items need extra-padded packing materials. For other robust belongings, custom crates might be necessary. When you take into consideration the type & quantity of packing supplies you will need, the overall price will also change.

    Actual items that can influence the packing service cost

    Most of us can handle the packing process by ourselves, especially when looking to save some money. However, there are certain household items that require special handling and care, which is why you need professional packing assistance. The need to hire experienced packers arises when you come across valuable or fragile belongings, that you want kept safe and protected during the move. So what might these items be?


    Depending on the piece of furniture, it can prove hard to pack. So what we advise is that you turn to packers that are equipped to handle such pieces without scratching or denting them. If you do this on your own, you waste a lot of time and energy which can be better focused on other things.


    Fine art and antiques require utmost care due to the value they have. This is why they should always be packed professionally and with the utmost care. And if you ponder on the packing expenses, simply consider how much potential damage to such items would cost. After all, accidents always happen, be it on your part of the movers, so why risk it if you don’t have to.

    Electronic appliances

    TVs, computers, ovens, and refrigerators…all these have fragile parts that can easily break or crack when roughly handled. And this is something you can avoid with the assistance of reliable packers. Their experience brings a lot to the table – most of all, the use of high-quality packing materials and methods that minimize the chance of damage.


    Yet another piece of the complex packing puzzle, kitchenware is extra fragile to transport. The simple reason why is that most of the items in this category are prone to breakage. Materials such as china, ceramic, glass etc. are all identified by professional packing contractors as special-care belongings. This is why they take extra care when preparing them for the relocation.

    The contribution of hiring professional packers

    Experienced packers are trained to handle packing and unpacking of belongings that need to be moved from point A to point B. They are skilled in what they do and possess a vast knowledge about packing all types of goods. Not only that, but they understand the value of the things they pack, both sentimental and monetary. Thus, they are more inclined to ensure the safety of those belongings.

    With a professional, you can expect them to take care of wrapping, boxing, and other packing and unpacking services. When you look to cut moving expenses, you shouldn’t neglect the safety issues that could result in damaged goods. Hiring a packer might cause a certain packing service cost, but it also saves in time and ensures the safety of your valuables.