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    When is the best time to move

    Have you decided to move? You must feel excited but at the same time, a little overwhelmed. Moving is a huge decision to make and as such, it can cause a lot of stress. For this reason, most people who plan to move do not think about the time. This can appear insignificant when compared to other major decisions that you need to make. However, the time of your move also matters. That is why you should also consider when it is the best time to move for you. If you do not know or you are not sure, you came to the right place. Let’s see when is the best time to move.

    Best time to move

    You might have never thought about it, but even the time of a day matters when you move. Of course, next comes the time of the month and of a year. It is quite different if you move during the winter or during the summer. However, there is no perfect time that is suitable for everyone. All season or parts of the day have advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, it is not the same if you are moving to Ontario during the summer or to Los Angeles, for example. In any case, let’s find the best time to move for you.

    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Month
    • Day


    Most people move during the summer, especially Americans. The reason is quite simple. This is the time of the year when people have holidays, and children are on a school break. Additionally, the days are much longer during the summer. For this reason, you have plenty of time to pack your things and move to your new house. Additionally, summer is the best time to move for someone who has children. Moving with children is a huge task since it is even more difficult for them to leave their old school and neighborhood. Moving during summer can be helpful since they have more time to adjust and meet new friends before school starts.

    However, since most people decide to move during summer, moving companies are overbooked. Therefore, it is more expensive. Add to this hot and humid summer days, and you have a recipe for a possible disaster.

    Long summer days


    Best time to move is from late September to early December. You cannot ask for better weather. In most places, they have a mild temperature, perfect for packing and lifting heavy things. Moving household appliances or big furniture is much easier if you do not have to endure extremely hot weather. Additionally, you can save money if you move during fall. Since summer is slowly coming to the end, the rates for moving services drop. Moving companies are not as busy as during summer period, so you have more options. You can schedule the move according to your needs. Additionally, you have plenty of time to move and to settle into your new house just before the Christmas holiday.

    The problem arises if you have children. If they have to change school, it can be difficult for them to adapt to the new surroundings.


    Surprisingly, even winter can be the best time to move. People rarely decide to move during the winter, which you can use to your advantage. Moving companies are much cheaper during this period since there is no demand. Furthermore, moving companies are more likely to work according to your schedule. Just try to move when your children are on a school break.

    However, there is one huge disadvantage if you move during the winter. It is extremely cold in the winter. Snow, ice and low temperatures can cause injuries during packing. If someone slips on the ice, not only they can sustain serious injuries, but they can also cause property damage. The same applies during the relocation. Unfavorable weather conditions can lead to delays or even to bigger problems. You should consider hiring long distance movers Ontario since they know how to relocate your belongings successfully during harsh winter conditions.

    Moving during winter


    Spring is also the best time to move. March and April are ideal for moving since they are not as cold as winter months. Additionally, days are not as hot as those during the summer are. Just like with fall, you can enjoy mild temperatures while moving, even if you have to adapt to a smaller house. Furthermore, moving companies still have cheaper rates than those in the summer.

    Just like with the season above, there are a few disadvantages if you move in the spring. If you schedule for May, be prepared for a bigger price. In addition to this, the moving companies start to receive more calls, so it is harder to schedule their services when you want. Lastly, if you have children, their school is a problem again. This is complicated since they have exams and other assignments.

    Day of the week

    Even the day of the week is important. Since most people move during the weekend, it would be for best to avoid those days. Ideally, Monday through Thursday is the best time to move. You can take the day off or two in order to avoid busy days. Additionally, you can escape the traffic jams that usually happen during the weekend. It is extremely important to drive safely when you travel to your new house.

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    Choose the best time to move

    Time of the day

    Lastly, you should pay attention to the time of the day. It would be wise to choose the morning. Not only will you have more time to finish your tasks, but also you can avoid busy afternoon hours. Moving companies are freer during morning hours so you can schedule your move in that time slot. If you are not a morning person, the evening can be an option too.

    Last tips

    The best time to move depends on your needs. It would be best if you can move during fall or spring if you have no children. However, if you have children, then summer is the best time for you.