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    When is the cheapest time to relocate?

    Expensive bill at the end of the moving is something that everybody expects. However, there are ways to increase that impact on your budget and finances. By choosing the cheapest time to relocate for example. Knowing just the right moment when you can hunt moving discounts can help you save some money during your relocation. Significantly, so take a look at this guide and choose the perfect moving day that will make your move cheaper.

    Picking the cheapest time to relocate will allow you to hire movers

    If you determine that your funds are slim when preparing your moving budget, that isn’t a reason not to get the professional help. There are plenty of affordable movers on the market, you just have to pay attention.

    Also, if you pick the cheapest time to relocate, your moving costs will decrease.

    Note that hiring movers will be pricier if you choose:

    • The busiest time of the month;
    • A weekday that people usually pick for the move;
    • The time of the day when traffic density is at its highest;
    • When you’re moving at the peak of the moving season.
    Calendar and agenda
    Choose your moving day wisely and cut down your expenses.

    Simply by changing the moving date, you can decrease your expenses and still have the best professionals handling your relocation. Many of the greatest local movers Ontario has to offer have very reasonable quotes. As well as the attractive discounts, when the move come at the right moment.

    The cheapest time to relocate during the month

    Maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind, but there are some dates that can affect your moving costs. Since most of the rental leases start at the beginning or at the end of the month, people usually choose this period to move to a new home.

    Hence, the biggest moving costs. Avoiding these times of month will be a good idea. Middle of the month is the cheapest, and therefore the logical time to move cheaply will be between the 11. and 20. day.

    Choose the day of the week wisely

    In order to avoid taking time off work, most people that are moving to Ontario choose a weekend for their relocation. Which does have since when you think about it since it’s very convenient. However, moving at such a time is also more expensive.

    Friday is no different, because of the traffic jams. Since many are going to the weekend-holidays, almost every bigger city in the world is experiencing horrible traffic during that day. Not only that, but Friday is the most dangerous day to be on the road as well. Avoiding it as your moving day will be a very sensible decision.

    When will you move during the day is also important for your budget

    In most case, the early bird gets the worm, but relocation is an exception to that rule. Except if the birdie doesn’t get up really early. Like before the dawn early. If you plan to move in the morning, the most cost-effective thing will be to change that plan.

    Avoiding the time that people are going or getting back from work is the most lucrative solution. Even if you’re moving on your own and renting a moving truck, it will cost you so much more if you end up in the endless traffic jam.


    Traffic jam - avoid it by picking the cheapest time to relocate

    Being stuck in heavy traffic isn’t just frustrating, but also costly.Aim for the time of the day when most people are at home, and not on the road. Like in the early morning (4 to 5 AM), or in the evening (from 7 PM). Moving after midnight will surely be fastest. Some moving companies even provide 24/7 services, so that may be a viable possibility.

    Pick your season and cheapest time of the year

    Like any other industry, moving business has its ups and downs. The moving season starts with spring and lasts until the falling leaf that brings autumn. Those are the busiest months for relocation companies. Ones that you shouldn’t choose if you wish to save some money on your relocation.

    If you can, pick the autumn or winter since these are the slow months for the movers. During the whole year, this is the cheapest time to relocate.

    Autumn can be pretty nice

    Yes, autumn brings all the shades of the falling leaves. Still, often it brings many rainy days. While typically temperatures aren’t too low, many refuse to relocate when the possibility of wet weather is high. However, while the weather is flickery in the autumn, so are the moving costs.

    With a decrease in the number of moves, the quotas of the moving companies also fall. Many discounts start to emerge at this time, offering nice savings.

    Winter – definitely the cheapest time to relocate

    During the winter, the prices of the moving services drop even more. There’s no doubt that winter is the cheapest time to relocate. The rates of moving companies are even more than  50% off during the cold months.

    That gives you the opportunity to hire the best movers at the best possible price. Also, there are many discounts on the services that cost extra during a move. The services like packing and storing which can make your relocation so much easier.

    While the most affordable, moving on the winter won’t be a piece of cake. In fact, it will be much more difficult. You will have to double your efforts in keeping your things safe from the harsh weather condition.

    Snowed in street.
    Weather brings many dangers…

    However, putting a little extra work will benefit your budget immensely. While you may encounter some additional winter moving expenses, they are irrelevant when it comes to savings that moving during the winter brings.

    If may not be the safest, but winter is certainly the cheapest time to relocate. After all, you will have the means to hire the best movers that will do all the work instead of you. As long as you hire capable and reputable professionals, bad weather or any other possible obstacle shouldn’t concern you.