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    Where are Canadians moving in 2019?

    Canadians are lovely people. There is no place on planet earth that they are not welcome. No matter where they move or where they want to live, residents will welcome them with wide open arms. If you are Canadian and you are planning to live somewhere abroad, there are some things you should be concerned about. First of all, think about how much money you have, then do the climate suits you and, of course, safety and healthcare in the country you want to move to. So now, let’s see where are Canadians moving in 2019?

     Why are Canadians moving in 2019?

    Plenty of Canadian people of any age groups love to spend a significant amount of time in other countries, far away from their homeland, Canada. People over 55 or retired ones, love to spend their time on beaches and hot spots outside of Canada. Other ones want to make a good business in some other country because the costs of living in Canada are rising and the economy is unsteady.

    Canadians moving in 2019 - New York City.
    The United States is the biggest trading partner with Canada.

    If you are a young and successful businessman and you would want to live somewhere else, hire international movers Canada to assist you with the move. Thanks to the internet, you will be able to control your business even if you are not physically there. Now, let’s see what are the top places that Canadians moving in 2019:

    • Costa Rica
    • Panama
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Malaysia
    • New Zealand
    • United States

    Professional Moving Company

    If you decide to move out of Canada, you might want to hire one of the top moving companies Sudbury. A professional moving company is licensed and experienced in the moving industry. Their lovely employees will answer to any of your questions moving wise. They will also calculate the costs of your move and assure you that there won’t be any hidden costs at the end. Except for the wide specter of services that they can provide, they will also give moving discounts to their customers. Some of the moving services you might need are:

    • Properly packing and labeling
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    • Insurance and Safety
    • Unpacking and Recycling
    • Storage Units/Containers
    • Special services (Shipping your car, moving bulky items etc.)

    Costa Rica

    One of the most popular places where Canadians moving in 2019 is Costa Rica! Very comfortable living, low healthcare costs, and political climate make Costa Rica very popular among Canadian people. High literacy rate, beautiful environment, and friendly local citizens are making Costa Rica a very welcoming place. Since Canadian people are very nice and friendly too, they won’t have problems adapting and finding new friends when they move to Costa Rica. In addition, here are some simple steps for planning a long distance move!


    Panama is a wonderful place with a lot of activities to do. Coastal towns offer tranquility and relaxation. Panama is also known as Hong Kong of Central America and it is similar to Costa Rica. Canadian retired people and pensioners are moving to Panama to enjoy those lovely beaches and relax while they are walking through wonderful rain forests.

    One of the nicest places where Canadians moving in 2019 is Panama!
    Panama! Also known as Hong Kong of Central America!

    Spain (Europe)

    Spain is a perfect place for Canadians to spend a long vacation or to live in. Renting houses and apartments in Spain is really affordable and that’s why a lot of people love to spend a long vacation there. Barcelona and Madrid are the most popular cities that Canadian people love to visit. Health coverage and food prices are almost the same as they are in Canada, and that’s why Spain is pretty much attractive.

    But, you should know how to prepare if you are moving to a warmer climate. The temperature in Spain is a lot higher than in Canada, so you should take care of yourself!

    Portugal (Europe)

    Portugal is definitely one of the top places where Canadians moving in 2019! Climatic conditions are ideal, quality of life is high and at the same time, everything is very affordable! The best thing about Portugal is that almost all locals speak English, and that will make communication easy! There is also a lot of things to do here so you will enjoy plenty of activities. On the other hand, you can also relax on some of the exotic locations.


    Another wonderful place where Canadians moving in 2019 is Malaysia! This is a very affordable country with lovely weather. Also, Malaysia is a great place if you are planning to start a business abroad, whether if it’s in tech or tourism. Malaysia is in Commonwealth, which means, if you meet the criteria you will be able to get a ten-years renewable visa.

    Twin Towers during the night - Malaysia
    If you are planning to start a business in Malaysia, tech and tourism are the best choices.

    New Zealand

    New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is another place that Canadians moving in 2019! Except for the beautiful nature and charming environment, you can also find a job very easy if you are a skilled worker. Also, getting a job there means that you will get a residency and after a while become a true resident of New Zealand. People are very friendly and you don’t have to worry about how to meet your new neighbors!

    United States

    Since the United States is the biggest trading partner with Canada and many companies are transnational it’s not even strange that Canadian people are moving to the United States. Having a company in the United States makes it even easier to move from Canada. Also, let’s not forget that America and Canada share a lot of cultural similarities. On the other hand, a lot of Canadians are moving to the south so they can escape very nasty winters.

    Those were the best places that Canadians moving in 2019! Good luck and have a wonderful life, wherever you move!