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    Where to live in Canada: big city vs. countryside

    So, you want to move to Canada, but do not know where to live? Is the big city better than the countryside? Or is it the other way around? This is purely your choice! But you need to have arguments for both ideas in order to make a good decision. You can’t go into something big like this without comparing the pros and cons of both. So, we have created an article to help you with that. Where to live in Canada? What fits your lifestyle better, the big city or the countryside? Let’s dive into this article and offer pros and cons of both!

    Canada flag
    Canada offers many opportunities!

    Where to live in Canada?

    So, before you call a couple of long distance moving companies Canada, make sure to determine where you want to move. This a big part of the moving process. This is because you are starting your new life in a new location. You want that location to be perfect for you and your family, or your future family if you do not have one yet. You want to have all the job opportunities you may wish for, and the vibrant nightlife, or maybe you are more of a peaceful, nature-oriented kind of person. Choosing between the big city and countryside plays a big role in determining how your life may pan out. So let’s get down to business!

    Costs of living

    As you have already guessed, the costs of living are different in the big city and the countryside. They are much higher in the big cities because there are more people and therefore the economy is much better. Most local movers Ontario are based in big cities. This is because more and more people are moving regularly because of their job. Big cities also offer a chance to get a high paying job to sustain your life there. Smaller places cheaper but it is also harder to land a high paying job. This is why most people opt for moving into a big city.

    where to live in Canada? Big city or countryside - Toronto
    The costs of living are greater in the big city, but the nightlife is much more vibrant

    So, if you are moving to Canada for work, the big city is definitely the better option for you, unless you already have a good job secured in the countryside. However, you may have difficulties in the big city until you find a job. The first few weeks or even months may present a challenge for you. So make sure to create a post moving budget so you can sustain yourself while looking for a job. You do not want your first few weeks to be unpleasant because of the lack of funds to sustain yourself. There are cheap houses for sale in Toronto though, so worry not!

    Job opportunities

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are far more job opportunities in bigger cities. This directly affects the costs of living because larger economies drag the prices up. As the job economy grows, so do the prices, so keep that in mind. However, imagine big cities as a big pond, and each fish is a job. As you would get food by catching a fish, you will also get the ability to live in a big city if you find a high paying job.

    When it comes to different job industries, it is best to say that if you are into the tech business, you are going to have a good time. Other than that, the mining business is strong in Calgary and there is plenty of work for economics and law majors as it is the case with most big cities around the globe. However, the farming industry is much stronger in the countryside. Your job qualifications should be a major factor while making your decision so make sure to check out all possibilities!

    Making friends and entertainment

    Many people flock to big cities for entertainment options. The nightlife is usually much more vibrant and energetic in bigger communities. Many more bars, cafes, and nightclubs to spend the evenings with your friends. And speaking of friends, you also have to make some. Now, this purely depends on you. Do you like close-knit communities more, or is the urban rush more fitting to you? Living in a small space in a city does not really offer any chance of having a barbecue and calling all of your friends. However, living in a house in a smaller city definitely makes this idea possible. This should also be a big factor when you are thinking about where to live in Canada.


    What do you first think of when someone mentions the big city? Is it the vibrant nightlife and the exhilarating rush, or is it the concrete jungle with little to no trees? If it is the first one, then you are not nature dependent person, and will most likely feel at home in an apartment building, surrounded by more apartment buildings and an occasional park. But if the thought of that makes you sick, then you are definitely a countryside person.

    countryside, lake
    The countryside is for nature lovers

    Living in a spacious home with a backyard and probably a forest nearby can really be the main aspect of choosing to live in a smaller city. There are also many more options for recreational activities in the countryside such as hiking and for example ziplining if you are into that sort of thing. Or do you want to just enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town, with little to no traffic sounds? If this appeals to you, then you probably know where to live in Canada.


    Naturally, the big city is much more dangerous than in the countryside. This is because of the sheer number of people living there. So, if you are moving with your family and want to live in a safe place with good schools, a smaller city is probably the better option.

    So, with all that said, take these into consideration and make your decision!