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    Where to store belongings during remodeling

    Remodeling home is an exciting process, but it can be very stressful at the same time. There are many things to consider, including where to store belongings during remodeling. In order to keep them safe, you should find a secure place until your home renovation is complete. Luckily, there are a variety of storage options that you can choose from.

    Rent a storage unit

    Remodeling sometimes can be a bit harder than you’ve anticipated. Especially if you are remodeling your floors, roof, opening the space by getting rid of walls. All the big construction work on your home require a clear space. That means that you need a place to store belongings during remodeling in order to keep them safe. The best advice is to rent a storage unit.

    Maybe you think that is excessive since your home will be finished in two-three days. The question here is, will it really? When you are remodeling your home, you never know what you will find under the surface or in the walls. Leaking pipes, bad and dangerous wires, rodents nests, mold.

    Find a safe place to store belongings during remodeling.
    There are many unpleasant surprises that can extend house remodeling.

    In that case, you will be happy that you’ve rented a storage unit and moved your belongings in it. There you know that they will be safe while the renovation is complete. If you store belongings during remodeling to a safe storage units Ontario, it will keep them away from the damages that home constructions can cause.

    It maybe seems like a drag to pack your belongings and move them to a storage unit, but it will be worth your while. It is a guarantee that will give you a piece of your mind. That way, your belongings will be one less thing to worry about in the stressful house remodeling process.

    Designate one room in your home for storage

    If your whole house isn’t under construction, store belongings during remodeling in the room that you aren’t renovating.
    It is the most cost-effective option, assuming that you aren’t remodeling your entire home at once. Still, if you are doing some heavy construction work, like changing your plumbing or fixing the roof, make sure to protect your belongings. Use quality packaging supplies when you store belongings during remodeling. It is a good way to protect your stuff in case of some hazardous event.
    Still, if you are doing a renovation to your plumbing or wiring, it is the safest option to move your belongings from your home.
    Just in case, because remodeling a home brings many risks.

    Store your things with a friend or family member

    If you have no spare rooms where you can store belongings during remodeling, maybe you know somebody who does. Still, it’s not a thing that you can ask from just anybody. Focus on family members and really good friends or neighbor. Of course, you will have to know approximately for how long you will store belongings during remodeling. It’s a tricky favor to ask from someone, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    The bad side of this arrangement is that you can occupy someone’s space for longer than you’ve anticipated. That way, you can find yourself in the need to move your belongings twice, when the agreed period runs out and your home still isn’t ready. Ask to store your items with a friend or family member only when you are doing a small renovation. And do not forget to check do you need any permits for remodeling before you start.

    Ask a friends can you store belongings during remodeling with them.
    For any bigger work on your house, it is always the best option to store belongings during remodeling into a storage unit.

    Storing your belongings on the attic or basement

    Can you store belongings during remodeling into your basement or on the attic? Well, answer to that question is obviously yes. Still, should you store it there, remains the question.
    Using your attic for storage can be a good idea if you are doing some light renovation like painting your house or putting new carpets. Those are the jobs that usually don’t take a long time so your belongings won’t be in danger.

    The important thing you should pay attention to before storing

    Of course, that is the case only if you’ve thoroughly inspected your attic and your basement and determine that they are rodents free. Rodents can destroy your belongings in the half a day, so it is very important to get rid of any pests that are lurking in the corners. Attics and basements are paradises for these nasty creatures because they are usually warm, dark, moldy and smelly. The storage units also attract pests, so if you rent a storage unit to store belongings during remodeling, make sure to vermin-proof your storage unit.

    Attic maybe isn't the perfect place to store belongings during remodeling
    If your attic looks like this, think twice before you store your items here.

    Additional tips you should know when you store belongings during remodeling

    Once you find an ideal place to store belongings during remodeling, you need how to organize them in the most effective way. Your items should be easily accessible and reachable.
    Here are some tips on how to organize your belongings in the storage space:

    • Label your boxes.
      Make it easier on yourself and put together a labeling system. That way you will always know where are the items that you are looking for. By not labeling your boxes, you will wast so much time figuring what goes where when your remodeling is complete.
    • Store the items that you frequently use in the center.
      This way you can easily grab them whenever you need them. The items that you think that you want to use during remodeling, put in the back of the storage space.
    • Leave a clear path between boxes.
      Store belongings during remodeling in a way that you can reach them. It is for your convenience, but also for safety reasons.
    • Make a plan to store belongings during remodeling as soon as you determine the renovation date.