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    Your movers are late – now what?

    When you make a decision to move, it is usually because of a new job, new partner, better opportunities. The only downside of moving to your new home is the actual moving. Unless you choose reliable movers, such as international movers Canada, many errors can occur during the move. One of them is that movers are late, and this is probably the most stressful thing that can happen during the relocation. And, while everyone will tell you not to panic as if that helps, you should be aware of your opportunities so that you can react quickly and proactively.

    movers are late due to traffic jam
    One of the reasons why movers are late is the traffic jam

    What are the reasons while the movers are late?

    If you are eagerly expecting your movers to arrive, and you are wondering why they are not here yet, we will give you a list of possible reasons. Local movers Ontario are well aware of all these hazards and this is one of the reasons why they organize everything up to the last details.

    • Traffic is bad – This is something that movers should take into consideration when they are headed over to you, but it may happen to even the best moving companies.
    • Technical issues with the moving vehicles – Unexpected malfunction or a breakdown can happen and prevent your movers to arrive on time.
    • Movers arrived, but on a wrong address – Rarely, but this can happen as well, that is why the exact location should be double-checked with the moving company before the moving day.
    • Movers are late because of the sick leave – Perhaps they are understaffed, due to sudden sick leaves.

    Check out the moving contract

    If your movers are late for more than a few minutes, grab the moving contract and go through it. Perhaps the exact time was not set, and in the contract, it says that the movers will arrive somewhere between 9 and 11 o`clock than there is no reason to panic. Most likely they will arrive just on time, and at the same time, you will be much calmer. Reliable movers are aware that you want everything to be finished as soon as possible, and they will do their best to assist you. Handling late movers is definitely one of the most stressful moving activities, but with rational thinking, you will be on top of your game.

    a businessman signing a contract, holding a pan in his right arm
    Before you call the moving company, check out the estimated arrival time of your movers

    Call the moving company

    When the moving contract says that your movers should have been at your house at 9 o`clock sharp, then it is time to call the moving company. If you are feeling stressed and you have started to panic, take a moment to yourself. As stated above, there are plenty of valid reasons why your movers are late. You will not solve the issue by imagining the worst-case scenario over and over again. Rather, take a few deep breaths and think of how nice it will be once all of this is over. Only then make the call.

    If the movers are coming soon…

    If the movers are late because of something minor and you confirmed with the moving agency that they will arrive in the next hour or so, then there is no reason to worry. Take this time to go through your belonging once again. Check whether all of the boxes are packed and labeled. Go through your to-do list once more in case you have some errands that you can do while waiting. Use the time efficiently, or if you are too stressed out (which is totally understandable), play your favorite music and take your mind off of moving.

    If the movers will not arrive any time soon…

    This can happen as well, unfortunately, no matter how rarely. In case it happens to you, remember that you have other options. There are same day movers, who can help you finish the job. One day (probably not on this day, but you can certainly try), you will be able to laugh at this situation. If there are no same day movers available, take your essentials bag and rent a hotel room where you will stay for a day or two. Every problem has a solution, there is no point in losing your wit over technical things. Know that there are plenty of tips on how to avoid stress when relocating.

    a stopwatch with deadline written in it in red letters
    When your movers are late or will not come for another day or two, call the same-day movers and they will save the day

    When movers are late for the delivery of your goods

    This is a more serious situation, having in mind that your belongings are at stake. The process here is similar. You should check the moving contract. Once you establish that they are late, call the moving company immediately. If there is no response from them during the day, you can proceed with the following:

    • Call the police – If you have not hired a reliable moving company, call the police as soon as possible and leave the job to them.
    • Contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration agency if your movers are licensed with them – They will take it from there as well.

    Be positive even when movers are late

    No matter what issue do you have with movers, remember that it is not always their fault. All kinds of things can happen during the relocation, and that is why it is important to stay calm. Before the moving day arrives, try to prepare yourself mentally for various problems that may occur. You will then deal with them differently. Think of possible solutions and use this article as your guide. Being under stress and arguing with the movers will not do you any good. When movers are late, always check what is happening with the moving company and do not visualize worst-case scenarios. You will thank us later. Good luck!