Auto transport guide for Canada – how to prepare?

Now this auto transport adventure seemed so frightening at first. I mean my car might not be much, but boy do I love it. And I would really, absolutely hate to see something bad happen to it. Again, in other people’s eyes it might be junk, but to me it is priceless. My late father worked on it with me and I really can’t imagine working on any other car. Continue reading “Auto transport guide for Canada – how to prepare?”

In-home moving estimates tutorial – what to expect?

Everybody knows moving is a huge process and that it can cause a real rollercoaster of emotions. No matter the reason for relocating, changes do not always come easy. The life is about to change a lot but you do not have too much time to project yourself that much in future since you have a moving coming up. And trust us, this is something you will need to prepare for thoroughly. Don’t wait for the last minute in order to begin with packing, especially if moving a long distance and looking for an additional pair of hands to help you out. Instead, do take some time and create a moving plan. However, we also know there are other concerns when relocating, and that is the one regarding the price. In order to be absolutely sure how much you will pay, asking for in-home moving estimates is what you need. Continue reading “In-home moving estimates tutorial – what to expect?”

Moving during holidays – good or bad idea?

Choosing a specific time to move is usually a good thing. However, you’ll need to decide which time suits you best. Keep in mind that moving during holidays has a lot of advantages. But, since nothing is perfect, the choice to move in the holiday season may not be perfect for you. Read our article and find out! Continue reading “Moving during holidays – good or bad idea?”

How to keep your storage clean and tidy

Like with the apartment, you need to keep your storage clean and tidy. You can organize your items easier, prevent them from rotting in the storage and keep the storage unit hygienic. If you have a storage unit on a loan, like one of the storage units Sudbury, and you need help cleaning it here are some tips for you.

How long was is since you have been to your storage unit?

How often do you move your items between your house and your storage? Depending on how often you use it there are different strategies that you can use to keep your storage clean and tidy. People who rent storage units often overlook that eventually, they might need to empty it out. When they make this common mistake, they are met with a headache as it usually requires a lot of work. So don’t ever think your stuff will be there forever, approach it like you might need to get it all out one day on short notice. That way you will be inclined to regularly maintain your unit.

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Get in the right attitude for cleaning to keep your storage clean and tidy

If you have too much junk lying around your storage or you are unorganized then it’s no wonder you don’t like to think about cleaning. This means that if you are averted from thinking about cleaning you need to change your attitude. Instead of focusing the whole task itself, break it down into a few smaller tasks and start working on them separately. Your list of tasks could look like this:

  • Go to storage and examine its state
  • If its been a while since the last visit and you forgot what’s in it, create an inventory
  • Take a picture of the storage unit to help you create an inventory
  • Make an assessment of how severe of a state is the unit, and how much time it would take you to clean it
  • Buy all the necessary cleaning equipment and products
  • Make a plan to divide the storage unit into smaller portions for cleaning
  • Call a friend or professionals to help you move heavy items.

This should help you cope with the dread that is brought on by a necessity to clean out the storage. It’s a task that can get you easily overwhelmed. Hopefully, this will help you to handle piles of clutter awaiting you much easier. Another thing that can affect your attitude is that you find some long-forgotten item that has tremendous sentimental value to you. It can drain you from your energy and will, rendering cleaning virtually impossible. If that happens to you, take a few minutes to break to focus on that item. Finish your brake, put your sentimental item away for the time being, and get back to cleaning. After you finish cleaning, give proper attention to your item.

Find the right time for cleaning

If you want to keep your storage clean and tidy, you should never then clean it in a hurry. You might find some things you forgot about and in a hurry, you might want just to throw them away. You have to take your time to properly clean and tidy up. Don’t rush arranging and organizing things, otherwise, you will just end up moving stuff around without any order. Check your schedule to find space in your free time that you can commit to cleaning. When you clean and organize your things properly once, it will never take you the same amount of time to maintain it.

Also, consider the weather conditions when you set out to go clean. If it’s too hot or too cold, it might be impossible to do the proper cleaning. So check out the weather report to see if the conditions are good to go clean your storage. And keep in mind, whenever and wherever you get stuck, Neeleys Van and Storage is at your service!

Continue reading “How to keep your storage clean and tidy”

How to prepare your family for moving

One of the most annoying problems when moving is the fact that you have to prepare your family for moving. If you thought it is a simple process, you are wrong. If we are wrong,  you are either very lucky or haven’t given it much thought. Continue reading “How to prepare your family for moving”

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Office Movers

When you’re relocating an office you’ll need to pay attention to a lot of details. Making sure everything is right and your business doesn’t suffer will take a lot of attention. That’s why hiring professional office movers can be a great idea. With their help, your office move will be easy! Continue reading “Benefits Of Hiring Professional Office Movers”

How To Choose The Right Business Storage Unit

Getting the right moving company, with the right moving service can in some scenarios only prove to be half of the work. If you have a local move, a move of a few blocks down, maybe this is all you need. A few people to take stuff down, load into the truck and bring them up again. But it is rare that the move consists only of this. Usually, there are plenty of more factors involved into this, at first sight, simple relocation. The more factors that are put into the process, the more things you will need in order to make it successful. In case of a business relocation, that is longer than a few blocks down, you will most definitely need the right business storage unit.  Continue reading “How To Choose The Right Business Storage Unit”

How to Decorate Your Home Office on a Tight Budget

Decorating individual parts of the apartment, or simply decorating everything is something I enjoy the most. It is almost as if I can’t wait to be approached with these questions and issues. I have a lot of ideas and walkthrough, and I would love to share all of them! People always dread these tasks, either because they cost too much, or in case of a DIY project – they take too long. This is something that can be done with ease and for very little money.  One such task is when you decorate your home office on a tight budget. Continue reading “How to Decorate Your Home Office on a Tight Budget”

How to adjust as an expat in Canada

Greetings fellow expats! This will most likely be the best part of your life, even though it may not seem as such. Being an expat is drastically influenced by where you are an expat in. In my personal example, I was an expat in a very poor part of Nairobi, in Kenya, and this was not at all a pleasant experience. Nairobi is unsafe and is slammed with poverty and bad politics. Being an expat means that you will leave your friends and family behind, moving to a different location in order to do your work. You can be an expat for a year, or for five years, depending on the type of work and your willingness to leave your home. Either way, adjusting to a new environment, a new culture and climate can be a challenge. We will discuss today how you can adjust as an expat in Canada. Continue reading “How to adjust as an expat in Canada”

Guide for unpacking your moving boxes

Just when you would think that all your moving troubles have passed there is one little hiccup waiting around the corner. This hiccup at first can turn into quite a nightmare if you don’t prepare properly. What we are talking about is unpacking your moving boxes. I know it may seem somewhat trivial when you read it now. Also, it may seem somewhat benign when you take the entire moving process into consideration. But you have no idea how big of a nightmare this can turn into if you disregard it the way I did. Continue reading “Guide for unpacking your moving boxes”